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Summer at Omnify isn’t getting over any time soon, just like our releases! And if you are a business that runs on memberships, this will be an exciting one for you! Let’s dive right in.

If you’ve ever used memberships, you’d know how they work - a client purchases their memberships and chooses when it begins. While it works most of the time, it can also be a hassle for some. Some businesses would want their clients to start accessing the member benefits as soon as their membership begins. Right now, clients have to go through another step in the booking flow when choosing the start date of the membership.

To give businesses more flexibility, we have updated the membership experience. Now businesses can choose to start memberships as soon as a client purchases it or let clients decide when to start. 


Let me walk you through how it works -

  1. When creating a membership, you will notice a toggle that says “Membership starts on the date of purchase”. By default, it is disabled. When your clients go through the booking flow to purchase the membership, they get an option to choose the date from when their membership begins.
  1. When you enable this option, the membership starts right when the client buys their membership. 

Watch this video to know more:

It’s that easy! It's a simple change, but one that can make a big difference for your clients and their memberships! 

Go ahead, give it a whirl. If you have any questions or need assistance, feel free to reach out to us.

Flexible Membership Date feature allows members to start their membership from any day of the month. Simplify membership plans, offer convenience.

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