Import Clients Data on your Omnify Dashboard

For any business, a client importing mechanism is vital in getting started- be it when your business uses an intuitive booking system for the first time or tries to import client data to a newer system upon migration. Omnify brings you an improved version of Clients Import which is even more powerful than before! It is a step towards seamless migration from one system to another. 

What’s New? Well, the upgraded Import Clients version comes with newer dimensions of solid security patches, ease of automation, and a bit of customization at your end. Let’s find out-

  • Now businesses will be able to automate their client imports with a powerful automation tool to map the right information from a downloadable template to the Omnify dashboard while preserving the required structure. 
  • Clients Import feature is flexible and not limited to importing only clients’ data but also the data of their family members.
  • In case there is already an ‘email id’ stored in the system, this feature helps in avoiding imports of duplicate data thereby eliminating the chance of human error.
  • Once uploaded and mapped, there is also an option of sending welcome emails to your clients.

How to get started with Clients Import?

Step-wise direction-

On the Omnify Dashboard > Clients > All Clients > Import Clients

  1. Go to Clients >> All Clients.
  1. Click on the “Import Clients” button on the top right corner.
  1. You can download the template for the client import or family member import. Click on the respective template link to download the files.
  1. Once downloaded, prepare the data as per the format given in the .xlsx sheet.
  1. Click on the “Start an Import” button.
  1. Upload the File - Client data and Family members data (any one at a time).
  1. Select the import type - Client Import (if the client data has to be imported) or Family Members import* (for the family members data to be imported). 

*Please note that you have to import the client data first and then import the family member’s data as each family member has to be added to their respective parent member (Client).

  1. Once the worksheet is uploaded*, click on the “Upload and Continue to mapping” button. 

*Please note that only .xlsx and .csv formats are supported for uploading.

  1. Map the fields as per the columns provided in the sheet.
    Note: Map the mandatory columns of Phone, Email, First Name, and Last Name. For the columns that you don't want to import, you have to assign the "Skip this column" option.
  1. Once uploaded and mapped, click on Continue. A Pop-up appears asking whether you want to send out Welcome emails to the clients, or not. Once selected, click on “Confirm Import”. (If you select “Send Welcome Email”, it sends out welcome emails which include the login credentials for the imported clients to log in to the service store.
  1.  Upon completion, the file goes under review (if the number of data rows is more than 100). Upon approval from the Omnify team, the import starts. Once the import is complete, you will be able to view the import status, along with any errors that might have occurred, under Import Clients, and see the imported clients on the All Clients page.

With this feature improvement, you can solve client import dependencies by easily getting bulk import of clients done within minutes- all by yourself! Go ahead, enrich your client database and better your client management.

With love,

Team Omnify 💚

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Import Clients update comes with solid security patches, automation to seamlessly migrate from another system, or start with Omnify.

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