Introducing Breaks: Vacation Scheduling for Classes & Class Packs

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So you want to take a break for a few weeks from your classes? Head down to the beach for a quick vacation? But still have classes to host/teach and responsibilities to uphold. Or say, there is a public holiday and you can’t host your class.

We have now made this possible and it works wonderfully!

First, let’s take this scenario for recurring classes which are Ongoing i.e they do not have any end date. In this case, if you’ve planned vacations already, you can just add the break and apply it to all existing and future classes.

Now, what happens if the classes are already created?

Additionally, if you or your staff member’s classes are already created, creating a break will hide their scheduled classes with no attendees automatically from the calendar and website. New bookings can't be made for that specific time period.  

Works, right?

This is extremely useful when you have fix-term classes.

If you have a $50 class pack for 5 classes in a month. If say there is public holiday for a week in the middle of the month and has to miss a class, the class pack is automatically prorated to $40.

We’ve rolled this out for Classes and Class Packs as of now and are looking for your feedback. We will be implementing the same for all the services very soon.

Where can you find it?

This can be done by going to Settings>General. Under that click Expand in the “Break” tab to open up a dialogue box to set up a vacation.

With Breaks- Vacation Scheduling for Classes & Class Packs, you can set up & manage class breaks/vacations, keeping clients informed with schedule.

Still unsure? Sign-up and have a look yourself!

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