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Hey everyone, 👋

It’s time to announce the release of advanced Membership Management. We have been beta testing Membership Management with some of our customers, and we’ve got some fantastic feedback. Today we are launching Membership Management for everyone (available on Standard, Essential, Plus and Pro) 🙌

Here’s what is included in Membership Management:

  • Create multiple memberships and integrate access control with the help of member benefits.
  • Restrict non-members from making reservations for specific or all services.
  • Import your member base. Map the ongoing and expired membership for each member.
  • Automate recurring billing and save your team from follow-ups for payments.
  • Automate reminder emails for membership renewals and non-payments.
  • Let customers buy memberships online or restrict them with our flexible platform.
  • Customer Portal to let your customers self-manage their schedules.

Omnify provides you with a combination of tools to help you automate payments, customizable email campaigns, reminders, and data to track everything. See for yourself how Membership Management with Omnify can make a difference for your organization. Schedule a demo or sign up to Omnify to get started today.

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