Introducing new Omnify Dashboard

Hey everyone, 👋

It’s time to announce the release of Omnify’s new and revamped dashboard design. 🏆

With the new release, we are determined to enhance and at the same time simplify the product experience for you! Our customers like yourself spend a lot of time on the Omnify Dashboard on a daily basis. Our Dashboard interface is the most important place to get your day to day tasks done. While we have always received good feedback on the overall user experience we strive to set a new standard for our customers. 🙌

Let's Break down the features, first:

⬆️ Secure and Faster→ 

Technical stuf, first. To ensure better safety, we have added faster, cleaner and secure internal APIs. The result of which is an even secure Dashboard with 5x improvement in speed ⚡️

Our Dashboard is now Mobile Responsive→ 

Dashboards are harder to design for mobile browsers because of the extensive data sets, but our team has worked hard to make it possible. You can now use Omnify on your mobile devices, just in case you need to access it without opening your laptop. Disclaimer: it is still WIP, so some pages might not be optimized, yet.

We have found a new home for ‘all things Settings’→ 

Yes, you heard it right. We have moved everything that’s related to set-up to Settings. The intent behind this is to make it easier for you to discover features. We’ve organized the Settings into four different segments:

  1. Business Settings →  Under Business settings, you will be able to set-up your basic business changes like Timezone, Currency, Taxes, Integrations, etc

  1. Online Store Settings → Your Online Store settings is key to ensuring you have control of your service store.. You’ll be customizing your Service Store from here, create Custom Filters, Widgets, Waivers, etc. We have added a bunch of new features to your Online Settings. More on this below.

  1. Booking Flow Settings → We wanted to give you the flexibility to take bookings & payments as you want it. Whether you want your clients to create an account or proceed without needing to create an account, enable a pay-later option for your services, we now have it all added under Booking flow.
  1. Team & Communications  → We have your team communications & access restrictions under one place, as well. 

We’ve added a bunch of amazing new features →

  1. Service Store Pages  → You’ll now be able to select the pages you want on your service store. Schedules view or Home View or both. [Available on All Plans] 
  1. Custom Payments  → Not accepting online payments? You’ll now be able to accept bookings without payments using custom payments. [Available on All Plans] 
  1. New notification Emails → Now get notified every time an important booking or client trigger happens. [Available on All Plans] 
  1. Add Javascripts to your Service Store → We’ve added Google Tag Manager (GTM) and Facebook Pixel. You can run ads, track analytics, and have any javascript code installed via GTM to amplify your customer engagement. [Available on the Plus & Pro Plan]
  1. Reply-to Emails can be White-labelled → We have enabled replies from your clients, right to your inbox. This means that your clients will now be able to reply to your auto-emails. If you do not wish to receive replies, you can enable the no-reply option. [Available on Plus & Pro Plan]

  1. Custom PDF Invoices  → Fully customize the invoices with custom header text, footer text, invoice number, etc and send  PDF invoices for payments attached in the booking confirmation emails. [Available on the Pro Plan]

We’re so excited to roll out the new update. Let us know how you feel about it and if you like it, give our Product & Engineering team a virtual 🙌 by replying to this email.

Let’s celebrate the new possibilities with Omnify 👏



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P.S You can also add Feature Requests to Omnify right from your Dashboard.

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