Membership 3.0

Membership Management on Auto-Pilot.

Membership 3.0 brings new features to enhance your membership management experience. Add different benefits to your Memberships. Make them more effective with controls. And do even more with our new update.

Bringing Benefits to Membership.

Improved User-Experience

Tap the new Membership Create button to create a membership and also add the benefits to it. You can also add multiple benefits to the same membership- access to services and pricing benefits for the same. Log in to try it out.

Access Benefit

With Access Benefit, you can link certain services to the membership- this will allow the members to get access to the linked services automatically. You can also allow access to all your services to the members who have purchased the membership and have an active status.

You can also add restrictions, e.g., in a day or month, a member, etc can make a certain number of bookings.

Discount Benefit

You can give pricing or discount benefits to your members- this will allow your members to have a discounted price for specific services or all services. You can also add different discounts to different services- currently, you can add up to 5 discount benefits.

You can also add restrictions, e.g., allow a member to avail of the discount only when the purchase value is of a certain amount or allow members to redeem a discount a certain number of times during a particular duration.


All membership settings under control

Your Membership settings are now under membership controls, so you can set up your membership management and payments as you want— including allowing auto-renewals or not, allowing membership to be active when payment is pending, and more.

And so much more.

New Home.

We have moved Membership from Services to its own home. You’ll now find memberships under the left Menu panel.

Cancelation & Refunds.

We have added more flexibility in Membership Cancelation and Refunds. Now, you can set up cancelation and refund policies like other services.

Joining Fee.

Add a one-time membership fee to your memberships or not. It’s entirely up to you.

Search Your Memberships. 

Our new membership listing page sorts memberships from the latest to the oldest to make finding memberships easier. To add to a better experience, we have added the search option to your membership listing to make it easier to find your search.

Transform membership management with Omnify's Membership 3.0 update. Enjoy greater flexibility with enhanced controls and an improved user experience.

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