New in Appointment Scheduling: Multiple & Recurring Slot Bookings

We are thrilled to announce the launch of Omnify's Multiple & Recurring Slot Bookings for Appointments -- an innovative addition to our platform that allows your clients to book multiple slots manually or set recurrence for their favourite services. After facilities, we have now added this new feature to appointments as well. You can now offer your clients the convenience of booking multiple appointments at once, saving them time and hassle.

This new release comes with two significant updates to our existing appointments booking feature-

  • Multiple Slot Booking feature lets your clients book and block their favourite slots in advance across days, weeks, and months. They would be able to select multiple slots- different days, different times or a combination of both as per their convenience at one go.
  • Recurring Slots Booking feature is an innovative addition that allows your clients to book recurring slots over days, weeks, and months. Your clients can choose default recurrences or set custom recurrences for different slots.
    We give your clients the option to select the start date and the end date of recurrences or the number of times a recurring booking has to take place, it is all customizable as per their requirements.

For example, your clients can say book your physiotherapy session every Monday 6 AM-7 AM or every Weekend 7 AM-8 AM and Weekdays 6 AM-7 AM. It’s a robust system allowing the maximum flexibility.

To enable this feature, make sure you enable it while creating an Appointment, it is available under Advanced Setting.

How is it convenient for your clients?

This feature is designed to make the booking process more accessible and hassle-free for your clients. Whether your clients need regular ongoing appointments or just a single appointment, all of it can be done with Omnify.  

How it works-  They can select the desired service, date, and time (they can choose to book appointments daily, weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, or on a custom schedule that suits their needs. and frequency of their appointments, and the system will automatically generate all future appointments on their behalf. This feature allows your clients to make recurring appointments for as far into the future as they need, giving them peace of mind that their bookings are taken care of.

How is it beneficial for you?

This feature provides a significant advantage as it helps to increase customer retention and revenue. By offering multiple & recurring bookings for appointments, you can encourage your clients to commit to your services for a more extended period, thus improving customer loyalty. Additionally, with the ability to book multiple appointments at once, clients are more likely to purchase larger packages, which can help to boost your revenue.

We understand that businesses have different scheduling needs, and that's why we have made this feature highly customizable. The feature is an excellent addition to your business that will help to streamline the booking process for your clients and boost your revenue. We are confident that this feature will enhance the overall booking experience for your clients, and we can't wait for you to try it out.

Check out the video to see how it works-

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