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We've released a significant update to our OmnifyGo App, designed with our commitment to enhancing user experience and functionality. In our latest release, we've focused on improving how you connect with your youngest clients.

What's New?

In the "Client Details" section, we've introduced a thoughtful enhancement for instances where a client is a child without an email or phone number on file. Now, instead of encountering blank fields, you'll find the contact details of the child's parent or payer prominently displayed. This update is especially useful for businesses engaged in children's activities, childcare, and educational classes, ensuring you can always communicate swiftly and effectively, particularly in urgent situations.

How to Use It?

Accessing this new feature is straightforward. Simply navigate to the "Clients" section, click on a client's name, and you'll be directed to their profile, where you can view the contact information for their respective parents or payers. You will also find the same information while navigating the attendees in a schedule.

This enhancement is part of our ongoing efforts to refine and expand the capabilities of OmnifyGo, ensuring it remains a valuable tool for your business. 

Stay tuned for more interesting updates!

New update from OmnifyGo - Improve connectivity in case of urgency with your youngest clients by integrating parent contact details.

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