We’ve got a lot of new small and big updates this week. Almost all of these are to help you with your daily tasks.

New Updates to the Omnify Go App

With the new update, Admin's will be able to view everyone's schedule via the Omnify Go App and also use filters to see individual trainer schedules. The feature can be made available for the trainers as well, from the Team Access page. Check it out!

new go.png

Auto-filling child’s email ID and Phone Number

Hosting of events like a kid's camp requires special attention owing to the safety of the children. With this update, in the event that the attendee's number is not present (as with a child), the payer's number is auto filled. You can then contact the concerned person directly from the Omnify Go mobile app.

Add Trainers to events

Now you can add Trainers to your events. Yes, even multiple trainers. However, it’s not mandatory. Trainers added to events will show up on your website along with the events. So for your existing events, you won’t have to make any changes unless you want to add a trainer there. You will also be able to manage your events, view attendees, check-in and more from the Omnify Go app in the next release.

Screenshot 2017-05-31 21.15.19.png

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