Set A Booking Window For Your Facility!

Let us tell you what our latest Product Update - Facility Booking Window is about! 

This update allows us to define a booking window for our facility. That means, facility managers get to decide on what date the facility opens and closes for bookings. 

In Andrew’s case, he struggled with managing the Junior Tournament event happening on his tennis courts along with regular court rentals for the same facility, which led to overlaps. 

If only Andrew could receive at least 24 hours before each booking, he could have handled this so much better. And that’s where the Facility Booking Window comes in. 

Andrew, we got you covered. Here’s how you can set it up -

  1. Go to the facility to which you want to add a booking window
  2. Navigate to ‘Set Up your facility’. Here, you can set availability. Availability defines the start and end date for the facility.

3. Right under it, is the option to set ‘Daily Operating Hours’. Set what time your facility opens and closes each day.

4. Scroll a little further to find ‘Booking Window’. Essentially, the booking window defines how far back, and how close to the date can someone see and book a facility.

For example, Andrew sets his booking window to open 14 days prior and closes 12 hours prior. If today is the 1st of October, the first opening that will be shown will be 12 hours from the current time and the customer can book as far as 14th October.

Many others like Julie who run seasonal facilities can now set an opening and closing date for their facility. So, Julie set up her facility to be open for bookings only from November to February. If you run a seasonal business like Julie, this update is made just for you! 

Here's a video that explains it better -

Not only seasonal businesses but facilities that require advance bookings in order to manage resources and staff, facilities that manage multiple services such as rentals and events, or classes, could all benefit from it.

Define the rules around your facility bookings with our latest product update. Set availability, operational hours and even booking window!

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