Website Filters are here!

We’ve just launched Filters for your website. Now you can add category tags while creating your services and based on those tags new categories will be created within filters on your website.

Your clients will be able to sort their services with the categories you have created

Example: If you are conducting classes for 3 different levels of students-Beginners, Intermediate and Professional you might want to create category tags for the same while you are creating your classes. Once you Create these category tags, in the website filter page, three categories will be created and your clients will be able to sort the list based on the category. This will make search much easier on your website

The new filter feature is available on all the services- Classes, Class packs, Facilities, Events, and Memberships.

How does it work?

1. Go to Dashboard and click on Services. Click on any service you want to create and add category tags

2. To add new category tag, just type the name of the category tag and click on Add <category tag>

You can create multiple category tags

3. Once you are done with creating the service, click on Save

4. You can now go to your website and click on the filter icon. You will be able to see and sort the categories from the filters panel.

For all the existing services you have already created, you can go to edit services and add category tags. The filters option will only show up once you have added one or more category.

Let us know what you think. See this is action by login into your account.

Omnify's website filters feature makes it easy for clients to find needed services. Add category tags while creating services & optimize booking flow.

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