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Varun Baliga

5 Powerful Tips to Grow Your Yoga Studio

Yoga instructor teaching yoga to old and new students

You have been running your own yoga business for a while now. You as a yoga business owner have more than a few regular clients, you have fairly structured operations, and you can sense the potential to grow your yoga studio.

It is a promising position to find yourself in. You can expand and attract wider and more diverse clients, new members, hire better yoga instructors, offer workshops, teach private yoga lessons and even look into yoga teacher training to share your expertise to add more value.

If you’re in the position to grow your yoga studio, then with the right planning, marketing, and organization, you can increase your revenue and client retention several times over!

But before you go ahead and invest in your yoga business expansion, you need to be certain that your studio is indeed primed for growth. Because if not, then you may end up spending a lot more on outcomes that do not deliver a favorable return on your investment and ultimately lead you to reconsider your strategy, business processes, and direction.

So, how do you know your yoga studio is ready to grow?

  1. You have a stable economic situation
  2. You have a steady customer base
  3. You know how to reach more people
  4. You have fruitful engagement with your customers
  5. You have a vision beyond growth

Your plan for growth begins by identifying and laying out these factors for a closer examination. Look into your numbers and stack them up against what you hope to achieve with your growth. Explore the feasibility of your plan and dive deeper into each of the factors mentioned here before you move on to execution.

1. You have a stable economic situation

Tips to grow your yoga business and earn additional revenue and extra money

First of all, yoga studio owners need to analyze their sales and revenue figures in detail. Are you making a profit? Is this profit conducive for growth? Is your yoga business going strong enough that you can even offer a free class?

If you aren’t making a profit, are your figures on a strong enough upward trend to support a concerted push on marketing and operations?

Your plan for growth needs to be carefully budgeted and the financial risk studied in detail before you move or invest. Ultimately, you need to feel the ebb and flow of your business. If you feel certain that you have the support and foundation you need to help your business grow and you also have the numbers to back it up, then growth shall be a few steps away with the right plan in place.

2. You have a steady customer base

People practice yoga in a yoga studio

A busy studio is an attractive studio! If a yoga studio in a local area is buzzing with clients and activities, it naturally drives the attention of interested and potential new clients from the community around!

If you want to grow your business, then you need a good volume of customers as a foundation upon which you can promote your yoga classes and expand your operations. Try to learn more about your customers and collect more information on what they’re looking to get out of your yoga classes. The more intuitive you get with understanding the pulse of your existing clients, the more you will be able to attract and retain new customers.

Study your monthly and annual retention and look at the average life cycle of a customer. Look at how your customers first found out about your business and identify the most effective channels of distribution that you can target. Lock up a solid plan that will continue to generate meaningful leads and increase your visibility within yoga communities.  

3. You know how to reach more people

Yoga business owners use social media channels to reach your target audience

Before you execute your growth strategy, you need to work on a smart yoga marketing plan. Naturally, your growth will be contingent on your ability to attract plenty of new customers. This can only happen if you have the right channels of communication in place that will let you attract a wide audience that fits your target profile and generate enough leads to drive your business.

Study your existing acquisition channels, whether it’s your website or social media, or even word of mouth. Create content that is in sync with your brand goals. Narrow down on the most effective channels and map out a plan to optimize their lead generation. Market your brand on these channels keeping in mind the nature of communication on those channels. What works for social media may not work on your website and word-of-mouth channels will require a completely different strategy.

4. You have fruitful engagement with your customers

Promote your yoga studios by engaging with potential clients and your active community

Your business/service is only as strong as your customer base. If you wish to sustain your growth, you need to make sure you are building positive and engaging relationships with your customers. A happy customer is more likely to tell friends and family about your studio or even leave you a positive review. Referrals also work through the close circulation of reviews between friends and family about any business.

Run through your engagement with your customers and look closer at the current nature of your conversations. Identify what you could do to create more impactful relationships that benefit both you and the customers. Develop a fresh strategy that is designed to increase customer engagement and focus on improving the quality of engagement at the same time.

5. You have a vision beyond growth

Explore new teaching and knowledge that support the success of your yoga business

Finally, in order to keep growing, there needs to be a firm direction in which to align your business. What do you hope to achieve with your growth? What are the actionable targets along the way that will take you closer to your studio’s long-term goals? 

Identifying this roadmap will help you strengthen your brand and carve a niche for yourself in the market. Your growth will be about more than just the bare numbers. There will be a change in the quality of the customer experience, right from your communication to the final delivery in your classes and this is what will ultimately define your studio.

Actionable Tips to Grow your Yoga Studio with Checklists

How do you grow your yoga studio?

  1. Position your brand with authority
  2. Enhance your brand reputation
  3. Market across channels
  4. Simplify operations with technology
  5. Prioritize customer experience

Once you have identified the key drivers to grow your studio, it is time to go about expanding your business. Now, no matter what direction you wish to take as you grow your studio, there are a few essential actions that form the core of any growth strategy you may adopt. Your yoga studio’s growth is strongly dependent on the philosophy that drives your business and fills the calendar for your classes, the fundamental structure that supports your operations, and the relationships you build with your audience.

1. Position your brand with authority

Branding is one of the most essential aspects of marketing your own business and services

As you grow your yoga business, it is important to have a clear picture of where you want to end up and what kind of customers you want to cater to. Having a big business does not necessarily mean serving big clients or many clients. You could serve a niche category or frame your classes such that they cater to everyone. Identifying this before moving forward will allow you to ensure each decision you make brings you closer to positioning and gives your brand a solid identity.

2. Enhance your brand reputation

Effective brand positioning helps in making your business stand out

Once you have your brand position in place, it’s time to establish your credibility as a yoga teacher and studio owner. If you already have a website, you need to make sure it reflects your mission, vision, and values. It needs to give a clear picture of what customers can expect to find at your studio and why they should sign up with you. You need to come up with ideas and create classes that are better than your competitors.

3. Market across channels

Yoga teachers and local businesses can bring additional revenue via social media marketing

Once your brand and your website are in place, you need to make yourself heard and seen both online and offline. Increase organic online activity and establish your brand across social media platforms. Ensure a cohesive marketing strategy across channels that sends a strong and consistent message to your audience and draws them to your studio.

4. Simplify operations with technology

Schedule yoga classes with a yoga studio software to make your business operations and life easier

As you begin to scale your business, it will become harder to keep track of all your operations, your team, and the many customers who visit your studio. This is where Yoga studio software and scheduling solutions will help make things easier to manage.

With the right application of technology, you can reduce the time spent on back-end work and focus on improving other aspects of your business like the quality of your services, marketing, create better social media content, and your team.

Find more time for new ideas, grow your expertise, and practice your passion!

5. Prioritize customer experience

Happy clients after yoga practice class

On the whole, a bigger studio means there’s a lot more on the table for your class participants. As the community for local businesses or smaller studios grows in size, the main focus will need to be on keeping this base happy and making your class and services more attractive than your competitors. Everything from your basic service to check-in processes to the memberships you offer and how you manage them will make a difference to your customers, so be sure to map out the entire customer journey before you proceed with improvements.

If you’re just getting started with your studio growth planning and not sure you have everything you need, don’t stress! We have you covered with a free and comprehensive guide with checklists to help you grow your business with a systematic approach that is designed to ensure your continued growth and success.

Download Actionable Tips to Grow Your Yoga Studio and get started today!

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