7 Trends to upgrade your Yoga Classes in 2021

With restrictions lifting, it is an excellent time to introduce new ideas for your Yoga classes that soothe both mind and body. In 2021, the Major Depressive Episode(MDE) in youth has increased to 13.84% from 9.2%! That being said, the Mental Health Foundation UK suggests that 10 minutes of physical activity can improve the quality of life. It is because of the release of Dopamine, Serotonin, and Endorphins. These hormones are responsible for making us feel good, reduce symptoms of depression and increase mental alertness. 

Moreover, low-impact physical exercise has been recommended to pregnant women, diabetes patients, people with PCODs, etc., to improve their health. Despite this, WHO reports that 1 in every 4 adults and 81% of adolescents are not doing sufficient physical activities. As WHO sets more active people for a healthier world campaign by 2030, let's contribute our part.

Nevertheless, the need for new trends to heal our body and mind is required more than ever. After all, as the necessity arises, so must the remedy. With recent trends, you bring more elements to play within your business. It will help increase membership sales to make your business exceptional. For instance, Daily Burn, an online workout video library, saw a 268% year-over-year surge in membership as the pandemic took hold across the US. As fitness trends continue to change globally, we handpicked some popular trends for you to experiment with. With these trends, you bring something fresh to the table for your studio and your members.

Active Meditation

Unlike regular meditation, active meditation involves focusing on breathing patterns. These are different and easier to do, especially when one finds themselves in difficult situations. It relieves stress and works as a great time-out between classes or sessions. Due to its flexibility, it is more popular and valuable for your members.

Virtual Training

While Youtube provides online classes for Yoga, the rise of virtual classes is a different story. After all, it lets members interact with the trainer creating a more personalized experience for them. While few COVID-19 restrictions are being partially removed, the need for virtual programs does not end. People with different sets of requirements find virtual classes more accessible and appealing. Moreover, when it comes to cutting down the cost and time, virtual programs are sure to work. People can attend classes from the comfort of their house. It is primarily a great option for someone who doesn't want to go out or lacks a good studio nearby. Bonus, trainers can also aid with diet and flexible timings for their members.

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Outdoor Workouts

Many people prefer to practice Yoga in the fresh air amidst nature. With asana like Sun Salutation (Surya Namaskar), Triangle Pose (Trikonasana), and Low Lunge Pose(Anjaneyasana), the experience of doing Yoga is elevated. Not only are they aesthetically pleasing, but they also make the experience more lively and fun. With techniques like walking meditation, you can provide an out-of-the-box experience for your studio members. Make sure the location and permits are covered. Outdoor meditation once in a weekly class can perk up your members' mood and provide a fun recreation.

Multi-Sensory Yoga

As the name suggests, it targets the three senses: sound, sight, and smell while performing Yoga. As colors affect our moods, it makes sense if you play around with them for your studio. Likewise, you can use soothing sounds for meditation sessions to make your members feel more comfortable. Using calming and stimulating fragrances as a part of aromatherapy induces sessions to be even more relaxing. People with autism, disability, injuries, etc., can find such experiences more lively than ever.   

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Capsule Classes

Has your member ever skipped a session because they were too busy to attend classes? Try incorporating capsule classes. These classes do not take more than  5 to 15 minutes and can be adjusted between their work and office hours. Like traditional classes, capsule classes help in easing the mind and body from stress. It is a favorable option for people who struggle with irregular work hours or schedules. It can be valuable for someone who wants to take a trial or cannot put in more time. It can also work as after school/class/meeting workout to stretch muscles.

Hybrid Yoga

Fitness hybrids create a perfect blend of healthy recreation for your members to try out, such as combining Yoga with CrossFit, Pilates, Acrobatics, and much more. They are fun to try and let members gain benefits of two in one go. These are viewed more like exciting activities to have fun and unwind stress. The broad spectrum of hybrid yoga covers a diverse range of people's needs. Moreover, each of them provides exceptional health benefits that you can not overlook. Creating fun challenges to new techniques, your members would never skip a day!

Eye Yoga

'Stay-at-home' orders and hybrid work culture have led to a rise in increased screen time phenomenon. Stressful 'Work-from-Home' practices, increased indulgence in OTT platforms, Online Shopping sites, excessive usage of online platforms for almost anything from attending classes to online consultations, meetings, facetime, and much more have resulted in the eyes getting affected. Concerns like dry eyes, redness, and irritation have increased. A survey concludes that 1 in every 5 users has experienced discomfort in their eyes. While we need digital support for daily life, eye yoga will help improve the eyes' health. A study conducted on 60 nursing students shows that Eye yoga decreased strain and fatigue. Taking short breaks and doing eye exercises like Palming, Focus Shifting, etc., can improve eyesight.

While these trends will help studios bring more dimension to their classes, yoga trainers can use them as per the suitability of their members. So it would indeed offer a new array of opportunities for a Yoga studio.

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