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Varun Baliga

5 Things To Celebrate as Omnify turns 5 🥳

Another year passed, another milestone achieved.

Completing 5 years is significant to us in more ways than one. It has given us enough time to experience the highs and lows of the SaaS world. It has helped us meet and work with people and businesses across industries. Most importantly, it has taught us something valuable at every step of this amazing journey.

Today, as we work with over 5000 businesses and communities, it has never been more important for us to recognize and appreciate the growth we've seen thanks to each and every one of you.

As much as we are celebrating 5 years, we are also celebrating what we have learnt, the people we have worked with, and the potential that we see for the next 5 in our journey. So, without further ado, here are the 5 things about our journey that we would like to celebrate with you!

1.  Being primed to adapt at a moment’s notice

When we began our journey in 2016, it was with a desire to bridge the gap between bookings, payments, and the day-to-day business operations. As we worked on our platform, we recognized the unique requirements that were essential to every industry we aimed to serve.

From educational and trainer-based operations focused on managing their teams and student schedules to clubhouses and recreational facilities that welcome more people every day, each business was surrounded by completely different environments and expectations.

Having started with a software primarily for wellness and fitness businesses, we spoke and listened to people across industries to understand their booking and business management needs. Over the years we have worked constantly to incorporate these requirements and address acute pain points that bother business big and small.

Today, we are proud of a product that can serve anyone from an individual yoga trainer to a multi-facility swim club and deliver the same efficient results they need. Our mission, of course, is far from accomplished and we couldn't be more excited for you to experience all the exciting new developments we have planned for the journey ahead!

2. Maintaining a customer-first policy

Omnify’s customer support is available for any queries, at any time

We may be working on solutions that improve business operations, but the key to understanding a business is to understand the people behind it. Knowing their motivations and expectations has helped us unlock our own potential as an effective scheduling and management platform for service-based operations over the years.

The proof is in the pudding, as any of our customers will happily attest! Our team has worked online with thousands of customers round the clock to understand their requirements and help them adapt the platform to suit their business needs. We have worked not just to deliver solutions to our customers, we have worked with them as partners - navigating around their pain points side by side to deliver optimized results for their businesses.

3. Engineering a sleek, contemporary product suite 

Omnify’s online booking system is designed to support your business growth.

Working with business across industry verticals, we have accepted the countless fundamental differences that exist in their requirements. One thing, however, remains common for almost every industry and it is the fact that expectations are constantly changing with time. As general behavior adjusts to fit the changing world around us, businesses will always need to keep an eye out on what they can do differently.

As we pioneer an online booking system that empowers businesses around us to make better decisions, work smarter, and optimize their services, we do so with a conscientious effort to understand their evolving needs as a business. Whether we are improving upon our team management capabilities or refining check-ins, every Omnify product update is released only after considering what it means for each and every one of the verticals we serve.

4. Powering small businesses everyday

Omnify’s online booking system is intuitive and supports small business needs effectively.

Having grown our own team from the ground up, we understand the challenges small businesses face as they try to grow to the next level. Trying to expand while managing the same level of time and resources, without affecting services for your existing clients is easier said than done!

As growth enablers, we have always worked to identify and resolve the challenges that stand in the way as businesses go about their growth strategy. From smart data collection, storage, and processing to faster and more streamlined operations, our solutions are designed to help you invest more time and effort into improving your services. And where you may be looking for something more, our customer support is always on hand to guide you through anything you need!

5. Creating sustained impact everywhere we go

Beyond the technology, Omnify seeks to build better relationships for the people around us.

At the end of the day, businesses are centered around people. The better you understand people, the more efficiently you can deliver your services. Improving your relationships with your customers and stakeholders can earn your business significant goodwill and encourage more people to experience your services.

At Omnify, we may be developing technology, but it is our goal to help you nurture better relationships with your customers. Our software is designed to support you in every way as you work to understand your customers better and form a more personal connection with them over time. From helping you understand customer preferences to making your business more accessible or even reaching out to them with increasingly personalized communication, we continue to work on fresh solutions that will create room for trust and harmony within your community!

Beyond the horizon

With a memorable 5 years behind us, it is time for us to bring to life what they have taught us. As we move forward, it is with more wisdom and purpose, and a desire to take our business and yours higher with each passing day, together.

If you would like to join us on our journey, find out what Omnify’s online booking system can do for your business and get started today!


We’re all abuzz as we turn 5 today! Here are 5 things we’d like to celebrate with you on Omnify’s 5th anniversary.

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