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Sukanya Kakoty

Why Personal Trainers are Important for Healthy Living

Role of personal trainers for fitness and healthy living

A healthy mind resides in a healthy body, and good health drives everything else in our lives in the right direction. From adopting the right exercise program to working on mental health, every step taken to improve one's well-being counts in the long run.

Now, even as we work towards fitness on the physical end, we may not always have the best insight as to how to go about it. It is difficult to recognize when and where the body is at risk or even what the right program is for each individual. This is where professional knowledge and experience can play a crucial role in helping one safely push past their comfort zone without risking injury.

That said, it is tempting to ask, "Why do I need a personal trainer to get a professional opinion?" The answer lies to this lies in understanding how the best fitness goals are achieved. While we can always maintain a decent fitness level on our own, a certified personal trainer can guide their clients through a fitness program customized to suit their abilities and help them successfully achieve peak fitness. That’s why we love personal fitness trainers. As per a study a few years back, 78% of people achieved their fitness goals faster and more effectively with the help of a personal trainer.

Benefits of working with a personal trainer

  1. Expert application, tailored to fit
  2. Effective performance tracking
  3. Maintain healthy workout momentum
  4. Exercise with customized plans
  5. Prioritize individual needs

Let us now look at the benefits of personal training in detail and why working with an experienced trainer would be the best thing for your well-being.

1. Expert application, tailored to fit

Many people go through YouTube tutorials for a workout routine. However, one size does not fit all. While it is informative, a random video might not suit them, as they are meant for everyone. Every exercise or yoga poses has certain limitations and risks if not done correctly. As an expert, only a personal trainer can prescribe tailor-made fitness routines that suit individual requirements. Clients can sync up with trainers and explain their requirements. Many times the goals clients seek, and the efforts they put in are two separate stories. After consulting with a personal trainer, clients can set realistic goals for themselves and work on them.

A good trainer is a workout buddy

2. Effective performance tracking

The job of a trainer is not limited to only their regular classes. They also help in monitoring short and long-term goals. It includes establishing healthy habits in the client's lifestyle - a balanced diet, proper form, setting a workout routine, etc. With small steps, they track and see what works best for their clients. Over-exercising can cause damage, while going too easy on yourself to avoid injury can be equally detrimental. A personal trainer will help stay on the right track and hold them accountable for their routines. With the help of regular updates, clients will be more focused on ensuring effective workouts and achieving their goals sooner.

3. Maintain healthy workout momentum

Not every day will be the same for everyone. Often, the client does not feel like continuing a fitness regime as they may think it is not working for them and simply lose motivation. In such cases, a personal trainer can help you maintain motivation and keep things rolling. Their encouragement and feedback often proves the key to ensuring clients continue to give their best even when they may seem to be going through a rough workout rut. A good personal trainer will educate the client on why a particular routine is being followed and its impact on their fitness. Conducting group sessions can also help. It works as a significant catalyst as they dwell in healthy competition with others.

Few sessions of strength training

4. Exercise with customized plans

With Fitness Trainers, clients can choose on-site and online classes according to the flexibility of time and place. With fitness scheduling software such as Omnify, personal trainers can easily display their offers in a single place. Thus, clients can have the freedom to explore all the options and customize and choose what they like, giving them a seamless booking experience. In case they skipped a week, they can start at their own pace. Also, a trainer will help a beginner with learning and adjusting to their fitness routine. With customizable plans and daily support, they get help in understanding goals better.

5. Prioritize individual needs

Trainers interact with customers on a personal level. If clients have any concerns, they can discuss them with their trainers directly. While Trainers watch over their training, it is easier for them to monitor the development on a daily basis. Moreover, they also look out for their client’s overall health. They ensure that training goes smoothly without any injury or complete exhaustion. Also, Personal Fitness Trainers create plans while considering previous injuries, medical conditions, physical and cognitive disabilities, etc. While clients aim to stay fit, trainers help them in achieving it smoothly.

These are just a few ways that sum up a personal trainer’s contribution to building a fit and healthy community. Technology platforms like Omnify have been supporting personal trainers in their incredible effort to escalate good health, energy, and positivity worldwide. Omnify's smart and easy-to-use appointment scheduling and management platform act as the perfect support for trainers working with multiple clients by easing communication, simplifying bookings, and providing a simple interface for both trainers and clients alike.

If you are a fitness trainer looking to jump-start your classes, find out more about how Omnify can help you and get started for free today!

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A certified personal trainer can guide clients through a fitness program customized to suit clients' abilities and help them successfully achieve peak fitness.

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