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Sukanya Kakoty

7 Years Strong: A Toast to this Remarkable Journey called Omnify

Reaching a 7- year mark holds deep significance for us on many levels than one. In our journey so far, we've met many amazing folks and worked with thousands of businesses across different industries. But one constant remains- invaluable insights at every juncture and priceless learnings from every encounter- to build bigger and better!

As our collaborations extend to encompass businesses and communities across 64 countries around the globe, there's an amplified need to acknowledge and honour the strides we've taken, largely propelled by each one of you.

While commemorating this exciting journey, we're also toasting the wisdom we've gathered, the remarkable businesses we've collaborated with, and the boundless potential that was unfurled. And, beyond these 7 years, we shall continue teaming up with you and for you to keep creating the magic of simplifying business operations together. We want you right here with us today and tomorrow as we clink our glasses and toast to our shared journey!

7 Impressive Landmarks to Cherish

1. Adaptability at its Best

Embracing the concept of evolution, we have time and again demonstrated our ability to innovate, adapt, improve, and empower to pave the way for the growth of our stakeholders- solopreneurs, small businesses, and large enterprises alike!

When we embarked on this journey in 2016, our sole aim was to make business operations simpler. We started with fixing the bookings and scheduling part of things. As our platform started taking shape, we realized that every industry we wanted to help came with its own set of challenges and distinct requirements. 

From aiming to broaden our horizons, we always kept an open mind and tinkered in the best way possible. Catering to diverse industries, from music teachers stuck in a Pandemic to vibrant clubhouses, from yoga retreats to wellness practitioners, from a swim school to personal trainers, from kids classes to a bustling sports facility, we take immense pride in building a product that caters seamlessly with each business type and thrives within this unique ecosystem. In 2020, Omnify provided assistance to over 1000 pools and amenities, enabling them to operate in compliance with Covid-19 safety protocols.

This was only possible through attentive listening to your diverse business needs and integrating solutions on the go. Explore our journey

2. Putting our Customers First, Always!

Omnify Customer Testimonial

With you in the spotlight, every step we take is centered around your needs. We're dedicated to improving business operations, but the real key is in understanding the people and their ambitions behind these businesses. By grasping your goals and expectations, we've unlocked our potential as a top-notch scheduling and business management platform for service-based operations.

Today and every day, customer success is our priority. Uncover Perspectives of Our Valued Customers

3. Innovation, Elegance, and Functionality Combined

With years of hard work put together in engineering the best product suite for you, our software speaks for itself. To help businesses adapt, we're constantly evolving an online booking system that enables better decision-making and smarter operations. We're mindful of businesses' changing requirements, whether it's improving team management or refining check-ins. Every Omnify product update is carefully considered to benefit all the industries we serve.

Experience it firsthand today and witness what’s possible with Omnify! Create your personalized Store

4. Democratizing Service Commerce with the launch of our Forever Free Plan.

Omnify Free Plan

With a firm resolution to empower solo entrepreneurs and small businesses, we set for ourselves a goal to democratize service commerce. 

We realize that getting hold of affordable, top-notch technology can be a hurdle for many and comes with a price. But not with us! We’ve gone the extra mile by introducing Omnify Free Plan- no conditions, no trial periods, just straightforward access! Sign Up, It’s FREE

5. Taking you all over the Map!

Remember the moment we pledged to place the globe within your grasp? Omnify enabled businesses to span across continents from the safety of your room. We turned that promise into reality a couple of years ago when numerous stores shuttered, yet businesses endured. Countless entrepreneurs seamlessly extended their services worldwide by transitioning online.

And now, we've embarked on another groundbreaking endeavor! Omnify launched a powerful booking software tailored for Multi-locations and Franchises.  A transformative solution designed for enterprises spanning diverse corners of the world, offering comprehensive management via a unified, centralized platform! More than One Location?

6. Straight from the heart and well, the Shiny Trophy Cabinet

If you are doing something good, that should reflect. In these beautiful 7 years, we strived at all levels, and we strived hard. And today, with heartfelt gratitude, we thank our customers for placing us as Industry Front-runners, High Performers, and Category Leaders across diverse segments like Gym Management, Yoga Studio, Pilates Studio, Dance Studio, Coaching, Membership Management, and so much more!

In essence, these shiny badges serve as powerful indicators for recognition, credibility, growth, and overall success in this competitive landscape. They are also compelling reminders for us to keep working dedicatedly and accomplish what was started 7 years ago. Explore Our Accolades

7. Doing More with Less and How?

 Omnify team

At the end of the day, businesses are about people. At Omnify, while our core focus remains on technology development, deep within, this team of small giants is working round the clock to amplify your business goals and to touch your customers’ hearts as we touch ours. 

From learning what your customers want to make your business easier to reach, we as a team sitting at various corners of the world are consistently comprehending your needs, finding better solutions, and building better connections with you as we go on another step further!

As the next chapter unfolds…

After cherishing seven impactful years, it's our moment to embody the lessons they've imparted. As we progress, we do so with increased wisdom and a resolute mission, aiming to elevate both our business and yours every day, hand in hand.

If becoming part of our journey interests you, discover the potential of Omnify's online booking system for your business



7 years of Omnify is marked by growth & collaboration with businesses across the world. Join us in toasting the future of simplified business operations.

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