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Kabandi Saikia

The Super AMA everyone was talking about 🔥

Earlier this month, SerenaFit (an Online Training Studio) Founder Serena Scanzillo did her AMA on Omnify and we learned a lot.

Serena has been a go-getter. She started coaching in 2008 and in 2016 is when she started in Washington D.C providing training and coaching to expats and bureaucrats. She moved to Philadelphia after a few years and because she had an online business her business continuity was unaffected. She now provides 30+ classes every week with 4 trainers from different parts of the world. She said her goal now is to hit the $10,000 revenue mark in a month (...she is not too far away). 💪

In her AMA, Serena covers entrepreneurship, online business, building customer base, brand building, and so much more. While it’s hard to boil down the highlights from the Q&A, we tried:

👩🏫 Her advice on entrepreneurship:

Serena started up soon after college. She says while entrepreneurship sounds fun, there’s a lot one needs to consider, building a customer base, hiring, softwares, taking care of oneself, customer love and so much more. However, getting the initial funding is super important- finding deals, connections or basically anything that helps one get off the ground. Being creative with one’s value proposition is the key. For Serena, since she did not offer any fancy product of services, her value proposition was basically her skills. Learning from peers was really the key.

📺 On benefits of an online business:

She started online training 4 years back when teaching online wasn’t really a thing. It came up faster than she really thought- and most of the people were not even prepared. She never had a brick-and-mortar so the overheads were almost zero to none. She wanted to build a global community and started with Google Hangouts.

Once she knew this is something that she could scale up- she started building her own website, used online booking tools and worked on customer acquisition. Serena emphasizes on the fact that she kept iterating until she had built something that her customers love. Once needed to be open to change as things will keep changing and evolving.

💌 On building a customer base & brand:

Serena says her initial customer base were the people she taught offline. She had built a great rapport with her clients and when she moved online they moved too. She says more than 90% of her clients come from Word-of-Mouth. She hardly spends money on advertising.  Her recommendations grew so much that she had been on the front of a lot of publications- which helped her in PR and brand building.

She shares a lot of tips on running a successful online session- greeting clients, capping it to max 10 people, pricing, leveraging YouTube, Instagram and so much more

Serena’s next goal is to get into Forbes 500, which we really believe will happen very soon. Here’s to #WomenWhoInspire. We wish her all the best 🙌

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