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Engage And Inspire: Top Features An Online Teaching App Should Have

virtual classroom and virtual learning platforms are now preferred to physical classroom as remote learning is gaining popularity

It’s truly exciting to do what you love, and it's even more mind-blowing when you can earn money doing it, isn't it? That’s what today’s passion economy tends to do! 

When you decide to Monetize your passion and unique skills there will be lots of questions rounding your mind like “Where do I start?”, “What tools to look for?”, “How can I manage my business?” and so on and so forth. 

To answer all of these questions here is a discussion that talks about how to run your online business effectively using an Online teaching app

Keep reading to find out the critical features that your Online teaching app should have to lead you to success.

What are the Top Benefits of an Online Teaching App? 

learning management system helps to keep students engaged , improving student participation via class discussion and online training materials

Today there is a huge demand for online classes simply because your clients can learn whatever they want to from anywhere around the world. Yes, it’s all about convenience! 

This convenience is paired up with flexibility with the help of online teaching apps. There are a lot of advantages to using online teaching apps both from the business end and the client end. So let’s see how the Online teaching app benefits throughout the funnel. 

  1. Visibility: When you decide to use an online teaching platform to showcase your courses it becomes visible to everyone around the globe. People from anywhere can access your courses and enquire about your classes. 
  2. Expanded client base: Online teaching platforms provide you with the flexibility to structure your course materials according to your preferences. Additionally, they empower you to offer free trials and discounts on your courses, allowing students to experience your teaching style firsthand. This strategy effectively attracts more clients and expands your student base.
  3. Flexibility and convenience: With online teaching apps you can schedule your classes anytime you prefer matching the preference and flexibility of you and your clients. Learners can access courses and book classes as per schedule from anywhere based on their convenience.
  4. Client engagement: It also helps in increased user engagement with virtual classes, real-time communication and other collaborative tools. This in turn helps to keep your clients hooked up to your classes. 
  5. Personalized learning experience: With online teaching apps you have the option to create personalized learning experiences for your individual clients. You can analyze what your client's needs are via feedback and tailor your teaching accordingly. This also helps in client retention.

What Should You Look For In An Online Teaching App:

In order to run a successful online learning business knowing only the benefits of online teaching apps is not enough. We need to dig deeper than that. Keeping this in mind let’s learn about the main features you should look for in an online teaching app before choosing to invest in one. 

  1. Customizable Service Store 
  2. Accessible In All Devices
  3. Attendance Tracking 
  4. Recurring Payments 
  5. Mobile App
  6. Integrations
  7. Analytics 
  8. Zoom integration

1. Customizable Service Store 

Online teaching tools offer easy access to teachers and digital classroom via service store

Let's understand what is a service store now. 

When you start an online business you need a platform to let know people about the courses you offer and the methods of teaching you provide. A personalized service store helps you with that. You can showcase all your courses here. The best thing about is you can match it up with your brand colour, add your brand logo to the service store, add introductory videos, images and so much more to maintain brand integrity. 

Not only that, the service store makes it easy for your clients to view and easily navigate through your store and book your classes directly from there. You can even get potential leads based on inquiries directly from the service store. 

In the end, It’s all about creating a user-friendly experience. 

2. Accessible In All Devices

online class businesses should use educational apps that is responsive to mobile devices to improve student online learning experience

Let’s discuss accessibility now! 

If you are planning to invest in an online teaching app, one of the basic features to consider is that they have a responsive design. You should know that your clients will expect to access classes on different devices. So you should make sure that the online teaching app allows functioning across different devices, especially if it should offer a mobile responsive design. 

3. Attendance Tracking

online teaching toolsonline teaching tools helps in the tracking progress of individual students in an entire class and helps to engage students helps in the tracking progress of individual students in an entire class and helps to engage students

After you’ve successfully started with your online classes and you see a lot of people booking your classes. It’ll be a real struggle to track all your clients and manage their bookings. 

Here, the online teaching apps offer real-time attendance tracking with calendars. You can even track bookings, cancellations, and waitlists. So, ensure that the platform you choose offers attendance tracking as one of its main features.

4. Recurring Payments

online platform helps for teaching online with online payment options for all your students

Let’s say you’re offering a course that goes on for three months. But you offer your clients to pay for it on a monthly basis. Now each month your client needs to renew payment to access classes. What if they forget the due date? It is quite a hassle to keep poking your clients for a payment reminder and doing all of this for each class they take or each week or month already sounds like a lot of work. And, trust me, it is not a sign of a healthy business environment at all. 

You don’t need to go through this inconvenience if the class scheduling app you use provides a recurring payment option. Your clients can simply set it up for automatic payments eliminating the need to renew it again and again. 

Also, this provides you with a steady recurring income improving your financial stability. 

5. Mobile App

online teaching tools provides blended learning and helps students with effective e learning via mobile app

What if accessibility, flexibility and convenience all come together? 

A smart mobile app is the answer to this. It’s really interesting how much a mobile app could do to make your life easier. From a business owner's perspective, you can manage your business from anywhere. Let's say, you are on a trip, and suddenly your client has some issue regarding your courses, where would you go for a desktop or laptop now? This is where mobile apps are useful. This gives you the convenience to manage your business in just a few taps. Manage your class schedules, bookings, clients and even insights from the mobile app!

So, make your investment count and ensure that your online teaching platform offers the ease of using a mobile app as well. 

6. Integrations

online teaching tools provides interactive elements via integrations with other platforms

As a new entrepreneur, you'll find yourself taking on numerous tasks single-handedly. It can often feel like dancing to the beat of chaos, constantly adapting to the demands of your business. This is where you should think about automation. 

Ensure that the teaching platform you select simplifies your job through integrations with various software. Take Omnify, for instance, which seamlessly integrates with Zoom and Google Meet. When your clients' book classes, it automatically generates a link, saving you valuable time and effort by eliminating the need to manually import your client list.

Omnify’s Zapier Integration: 

When we are talking about Omnify let me shine a spotlight on a cool feature they provide. They offer seamless integration with over 3000 apps through Zapier! Interesting right? With Zapier integration, you can automate almost every administrative task, ensuring you don't have to give up any software you love to use. It's a convenient way to streamline your workflow and enhance efficiency.

7. Reports and Analytics

online educational apps serve as great tool for calculating student engagement using reports and analytics

So, you might have been curious about "Where do your clients start to disengage from your business?", "What are the classes that they are more interested in?", and "What makes them come back?" To understand all of this in detail, you need a deeper understanding of their behaviour.

That's where the reports and analytics feature comes in handy. Collecting and evaluating data around bookings, check-ins, drop-offs etc in the form of reports, help you understand your clients and their behavior better. This is super helpful for making necessary tweaks to your courses and improving client retention on the whole.

Moreover, Reports give you insights into how fruitful your investments are. You'll get a clear idea of where you should invest more and track the overall growth of your business.

Pretty neat, right? 


Alright, now you know everything that an online teaching app should have to help you manage your teaching business effectively. It's crucial that you select a platform that aligns perfectly with your needs. Never settle for something you're uncertain about anymore. Take the opportunity to try out the software before making a final decision. Omnify understands this and offers a FREE PLAN (no time limit) that allows you to explore the vast possibilities a booking and scheduling platform may offer to you.



Omnify online teaching app help businesses with key features like personalized service store, recurring payments, zoom integration, reports & analytics & more

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