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Sukanya Kakoty

How to Automate your business operations with Omnify and Zapier

Zapier Integration

If you run a fitness studio, a rec center, or occupied with running bundles of classes each day, then business automation is just your cup of tea! Forget about the hassles of manually reaching out to people, repeatedly entering tedious data, going nuts about managing your accounts and overloaded with head-scratching marketing efforts just to be the talk of the town! You need to PAUSE for a while! Take a deep breath and get ready to automate your business operations with Omnify. Just by integrating Omnify with Zapier, we can do incredible things together. 

You can optimize your business with the magic of workflow automation to finally get that extra hour to just sit back and watch your business booming!

Zapier allows you to instantly connect Omnify with 3,000+ apps to automate your work and find productivity superpowers. We help you to minimize your work time, remove the manual errors and make bookings easy.” 

Yes! You heard that right. Automation helps you in running your business smoothly, efficiently, and with peace. So, you can keep being the business owner or the manager that you always wanted to be and not get stuck as an accounts guy and avoid the unnecessary hustle.

For a start, let’s talk about a few key integrations with Omnify to automate your business operations like a Pro.

Here are a few Zapier templates that you will find in your dashboard to kick-start your workflow. To use a Zap template click Use this Zap.

📈 Drive sales via automated email marketing- Mailchimp, Active Campaign, Hubspot 

Communication is key. Probably this is one of the most honest and clichéd lines that you have been hearing all your life. To keep your customers in a constant loop it is only fair to keep the talk going and hence email campaigns! But that’s already too much work, right? Well, not anymore! With Omnify’s Zapier integration it’s just as simple and doable to build customized emails once and send them to your target customers and subscribers in a flash! Say, you got a new booking at your fitness studio, email automation will instantly make your client feel the warmth of your studio with an automated welcome email. Or provide any important updates or announcements through a tailor-made email on a pre-set schedule to a specific list of customers. And, there is so much more!

⚡ Easy communication with your team and customers- Slack, SMS

Team communication automation is a game-changing superpower. With Omnify’s Zapier integration, you can now connect with apps like Slack to have the advantage of instant team communication so that your team is on the same page as you. Share ideas, keep records, and let the whole team know about a new booking on your Omnify account or a renewal instantly with no effort on your part. Say when a booking is made, your team gets instantly notified on their Slack channel. Similarly, customers get notified about the same via SMS. Communication automation can also be used to delegate tasks automatically, eliminating the possibility of any miscommunication. Route your sales lead to your sales guy or pass any other information to a specific team member with this automation wonder. So, set up this integration with Omnify just once and keep working with your team placed at different zip codes or working at different hours. Cut yourself some ‘Slack’, cause’ communication automation is here! 

🎥 For live classes, workshops, and webinars- Zoom, Google Meet

By now you might already be running online classes and consultations or workshops as if a norm! How about going one step further in making the most of your meetings in a virtual platform in real-time!? How about automating your online bookings with Zoom or Google Meet links? And, you don’t even have to go through the pain of exporting the client list and send video links to your clients one by one. Sounds great? With Omnify’s Zapier integration, whenever someone books for your virtual workshop, webinar, or online class, an automatic Zoom webinar link will be created and participants can live stream from their living rooms with just one click! It’s like feeding two birds with one scone, except here we’re talking about many.

Again, Consider this case- At a time when more and more people find it comforting to go for consultations even without stepping out of their houses for privacy concerns or say an aging population would rather see a doctor virtually amidst a pandemic; online consultations are booming! With this specific Omnify integration, you as a doctor or therapist can now no longer miss out on growing your practice. Not any more! Clients can find the flexibility to pay online and instantly get an online appointment in Google Meet or anywhere they prefer.

🔁 Track your customer behavior and sales performance- Mixpanel, Segment

With Omnify’s Zapier integration you are another step ahead! With this amazing superpower, you can not only track exactly from where your customer is directed to your Omnify Service Store (like say Google, Facebook, Bing, or Twitter) but also get the exact number of customers on which page they spend their time the most, the pages from which they are dropping off, etc. You can keep a track of both new and returning visitors, know the browser’s average session duration, screen views, bounce rates, and much more instantly. All of this valuable user information gets directly reflected on a google sheet that you integrated with Zapier in your Omnify account and pulls out several touchpoints on the sheet. You can easily understand the personas of your customers. Say a home-maker Mary from Vermont is trying to find herself a fitness solution at home while managing the house and the kids. So a personal trainer like you can easily optimize your online ads, present tailor-made exercises for different kinds of customers with different needs, offer virtual fitness classes for people like Mary who would want to stay fit and not step out to the gym at the same time! This tool is brilliant in personalized marketing where not only your customers are happy but your conversions are high, too with automation which means you can stop doing the same things over and over again!

📚 Accounting- Quickbooks, Freshbooks, Xero

For those using Quickbooks, you can now speed up your accounting on a dime! Any time a new booking happens in your Omnify account and a new transaction initiates, a corresponding action of a new contact creation seamlessly occurs in your QuickBooks account. The payment information is automatically transferred via Zapier to Quickbooks for invoice generation or receipt. This completely eliminates the need for an accounting staff if you are a small business and allows easy handling of customer accounts during rush hours for a medium/big business. 

🧑💻 Manage leads from your CRM- Pipedrive, Freshsales

Sales automation is a great way to save time and follow up leads and follow-up activities one by one repeatedly. So if you are already using Pipedrive or any other similar application, you know how crazy and significant are these workflow automation tools. With Omnify’s Zapier integration you can connect Pipedrive and save your sales team a huge amount of time and keep your leads warm, add new leads from Omnify service store to your Pipedrive. Your whole team can be on the same page be it in terms of creating a new deal with a new contact, and be the best of your productivity by cutting out the admin time! So you close deals faster,contract workflow adding dollars to the table at the same time when you as a business owner cum dance instructor is bedazzling your students with your jazz moves!

For ones using Freshsales, we have good news for you too! Whenever there’s a new check-in done on Omnify, it can be easily added as a tag on Freshsales and you can start tracking your active and inactive customers. This will help businesses on Omnify to amplify interactions with their active customers in a specific way and nurture the potential ones using sales sequences. 

So be it selling or scaling, businesses can sure go a long way with automation. Reap infinite benefits of business automation with Omnify’s Zapier integration. Hope this has been helpful. Looking forward to hearing back from you!

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