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Sukanya Kakoty

Gear up your Business for the Holiday Season with Omnify!

Business owners gearing up with a marketing strategy for the holiday season.

Ideally, you should have been already running holiday deal(s) at your business and taken advantage of the last best and busiest time of the year to skyrocket your revenues to a sweeping high! 

As easy as it sounds, prepping up for the holiday season with foolproof marketing ideas takes time. But worry not. We will help you sell your services even better with these perfect points that will guide you in positioning your services. It’s time to start planning to set your flywheel right to start your New Year with new customers and newer profits.

For one, this is winter. The vibe of thanksgiving, the sound of jingle bells, love, and family goals are so upon us. And yes, customers everywhere are inclined to buy something new, learn something new and experience something that they haven’t done before- either alone or with their loved ones!

So don’t just think that holiday promotions work only for product retailers but it works equally well for service-based businesses. And, with Omnify, rest assured, you can take a step forward in the right direction and easily fix the seasonal promotional activities that give you happy returns!

Why Do You Need a Seasonal Promotion?

New year resolutions, as cliché as they may sound, yet they are not going away, anywhere, any time soon! I am sure someone’s still looking for an easy yet interesting cooking class to surprise their loved ones, or probably a baking class to fulfill their dream of baking a customized two-tier treat with ‘Santa’s Sleigh’ made out of fondant. And still, a couple is waiting to finally get right this time on losing those extra pounds with an affordable class on fitness and diet. 

Service-based businesses have plenty to offer just by getting into the shoes of holiday shoppers. Holiday promotions and discounts are an ideal way to catch the eye of your target audience and place them with offers they can’t say no to!

Here are 5 ways to get the most out of your Holiday Marketing Campaign-

  1. A new season demands a new service
  2. An early bird catches the worm
  3. Customer Reviews matter
  4. No holiday theme is complete without gifts
  5. Optimize with email campaigning

Let's go deeper and get a better sense of these marketing strategies to merge your business goals with the holiday shopping season.

1. A new season demands a new service!

Many small businesses introduce new classes to promote sales

All the waiting to introduce a specific new style of service or a new introductory class ends right now. A new season always sparks new interest and gets your customers excited, especially when it’s the holidays! Try putting a seasonal spin to it and make it look as exclusive as it can get. If you run a baking class, make it unique to the season. Introduce special classes for Christmas treats, or maybe announce a special class for couples to bake together or kids to play with dough while carving colorful cupcakes. 

It surely may be the same thing that you already do, but putting old wine in a new bottle well does the trick many a time!

2. An early bird catches the worm.

Winter holidays is the perfect time for sending out gift, sale and discounts

An early bird discount always works. Let the customer feel that they have greater bargaining power. All you are offering is an advanced timeslot to get in and avail of the discount. This not only helps your business to build hype and get up the revenue ladder sooner but also gives a fair idea of the expected number of potential customers for your services and hence schedule your slots better.

Depending on the number of sign-ups, you also get track of how well your campaign is running, the expected momentum, or if you need to make any last-minute changes to the discount or the messaging. 

Remember, your competitors would also be playing the same game in the same arena, so try and create an impact as early as possible!

If you are a fitness business, prepare for the New Year rush. Create bundle classes for beginners, add extra hours, get your studio decked up for the ‘back from the break’ crowd, set up a system online to attract leads, get more clients faster, or rely on a Fitness Resolution discount. But, review all numbers, data, popular classes, schedules, and trainers from the previous season well ahead of time and get fully geared for the rush. 

An early bird access/plan helps manage more effectively.

3. Customer reviews matter

Holidays are the perfect time to display customer reviews to the local community

The end of the season is also the best time to wrap up all customer reviews- Good and Bad. Good reviews definitely show off your strength and your business benefits when it is put out there. But today, for any business, customer reviews are very crucial in influencing a buyer’s decision. Now is a good time to collect all the good that your loyal customers said to you and make it all live, do a mash-up of the best, and let the world hear. 

If you are a beauty business owner or an online educator, don’t miss out on capturing reviews and sharing. Show what problems and pain points these people had when they came to you and how well they are doing now. Talk about what you have learned and what trends you are expecting next. 

Well, bad reviews are equally good. You may not share it with the world, but it surely helps you work on the issues and upgrade your quality of offerings.

4. No holiday theme is complete without gifts.

Business owners gift consumers with incentive and packages in the holiday spirit

Marketing and promotions are integral parts of any business, whether service-based or product-related. For service-based businesses, it is sometimes even more important to retain a client than to acquire a new one or upgrade new customers to full-time members. And incentivizing clients certainly does not have to break the bank. It should be a clever attempt to put together your services and make them attractive enough even with a limited budget.

There are common ways of bundling services together. For instance- If you are a fitness studio, offer a free month or free session for referring a new customer. Or gift a branded promotional item or any fitness giveaway like cooling towels or a sipper to someone who’s booked a multi-session package with you. 

5. Optimize with Email Marketing 

Email marketing is used in promoting events, sales, deals.

As you set your goals and campaigns strong for the holiday season, you will need undivided attention from your clients and prospects. Utilize your valuable email list and get them excited about your offer. Send personalized emails offering the best of your exclusive discounts, memberships, and merchandise. Engage with your leads and tempt them into buying at a reasonably lesser price than what they would otherwise get. Send out newsletters and messages to create a buzz on social media, send colorful flyers and do all that you can to promote your holiday campaign and agenda running fiercely! 

Make sure your clients look and feel the best during and after the holidays and how your services can help them achieve their goals. Don’t miss out on sending them email and text reminders to book or register early.


Check out these easy marketing strategies for service-based businesses to gear up for the holiday season with promotional activities that gives happy returns!

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