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Sukanya Kakoty

How to effectively deliver Integrative Health Services Online?

Integrative healthcare research and integrative medicine

Today, Integrative healthcare and medicine have been gradually gaining significance and popularity in the backdrop of rising chronic diseases, poor lifestyle choices, and a larger global healthcare crisis. The best thing about complementary and integrative health care is the proactive and preventive route it takes in supporting health and wellness rather than treating a certain illness after it occurs. Integrative healthcare strategies aim to turn the ship around towards a more holistic, healthier lifestyle management by the patient or individual thereby reducing different kinds of morbidity and mortality rates.

According to the Bravewell Report on The Efficacy and Cost-Effectiveness of Integrative Medicine: A Review of the Medical and Corporate Literature-

“Preventive measures focusing on strategies that support health and wellness, such as those found in integrative medicine lifestyle change programs, are successfully decreasing healthcare costs”.

Integrative health is a holistic approach to achieving optimal wellness at all levels. It is about the integration of conventional, complementary, and alternative therapies for the purpose of healing. 

Integrative healthcare can bring positive health outcomes for patients who suffer from mental health conditions, such as anxiety or depression.

Integrative healthcare is thus all-encompassing with proven efficacy around preventing chronic diseases through lifestyle change programs, providing mental wellness regimes, and supporting preventive strategies for all-around health and wellbeing.

Thanks to the internet, there are many new and exciting services available for consumers of integrative health nowadays.

It is important that we deliver integrative health services online because this helps us provide timely, cost-effective, and convenient access to services for people who are in remote areas or unable to visit a clinic. 

This blog post will teach you what you need to know about delivering integrative health services online such as how to set up an online clinic, how to make sure your website is safe and secure, what are the best payment gateways, and other basic information.

Why Integrative Healthcare?

Integrative health care system for mental health and therapy

The definition of integrative healthcare is-

-- "patient-centered, evidence-based approach offering the most effective and advanced medical procedures along with natural therapies to create optimal health and well-being."

The services provided by integrative medicine can be used in conjunction with existing treatments to help manage chronic conditions.

The Veterans Health Administration has adopted the approach of integrative healthcare because it is cost-effective, supports healthy lifestyle choices, improves cognitive processing therapy, and has reduced service utilization. Military sexual trauma is one of the most pervasive types of trauma experienced by women in service.

National Center for complementary and alternative medicine research suggests that integrative therapies help improve sleep quality, manage stress, reduce anxiety and depression among patients with chronic pain.

How Integrative Healthcare Works

Integrative healthcare is an emerging and important area of the large health care system and medical care that combines conventional medical care with complementary, wholesome integrative health therapies. Integrated health care system includes acupuncture, massage therapy, yoga, and meditation treatments among others. These treatments are often combined with traditional prescription medications to help people like cancer patients manage their symptoms more effectively and to get the best clinical outcomes.

Benefits Of Integrative Healthcare

Integrative health care systems hIntegrative health care systems help in effective delivery of community healthelp in effective delivery of community health

As mentioned, there are many ways to deliver integrative health care services by a healthcare organization or health professionals. But one attractive option is providing all the information patients need via an online portal or virtual consultation. This is appealing for several reasons:

  • Your target audience is more likely to find you when you're on the internet than if you were strictly in person or over the phone.
  • There's no cost for overhead as your office space and equipment are already paid for
  • You have "new media" options that offer more than just text and can engage your audience in other ways (i.e., infographic maker, video, interactive content)
  • It makes it easier to display all of your services in one place, so potential clients don't have to search through different parts of your site.

The Benefits Of Integrative Healthcare Services Online

Delivering your health care services online has many benefits. One of the most significant benefits is that you can reach a much wider audience than providing your service in person only. This is because the internet has made it so much easier to get people worldwide, regardless of where they are located.

You can also offer a wealth of information to potential customers without having to spend time and resources on developing and distributing printed material or videos.

Additionally, due to growing tech involvement in the healthcare sector, practitioners can get rid of heavy administrative tasks, with record keeping tools.

How To Effectively Deliver Services Online

As an integrative healthcare provider, your goal is to help patients get the information they need about your service and provide that service in a way that is easily accessible. That's why one of the best ways to deliver your services online effectively is by providing information on a patient-centered website.

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You may think that this type of website would be expensive to develop, but many inexpensive options are available. You can find a web developer who will work with you to create professional websites that won't break the bank.

Health professionals and health care systems that already have a website can also effectively sell your integrative health services by integrating a booking system that takes care of all your bookings, appointments, and scheduling. This works as one solution in the digital age that helps in easy access, easy communication, easy treatment; where health care professionals and wellness experts can focus just on their services and quality treatment while ensuring a user-friendly interface to visitors.

It's also worth mentioning that integrating your website with social media (for example, YouTube) has been shown to increase traffic and engagement rates on your site significantly.

The benefits of integrating your website with social media content are clear—it makes it easy for people looking for integrative healthcare services to find you and learn more about what you offer.

And because modern medicine is so specialized these days, potential patients need to know exactly what types of treatments you offer before they can make an appointment with you.

Integrating social media content into your website can help alleviate some of those concerns by making all the information patients need available in one place.

Ultimately, it is all about being able to provide community health and the overall well-being of your patients.

Reasons For Using The Internet To Deliver Services

Integrative healthcare is a very important area of healthcare that is very effective in helping patients manage chronic illnesses and pain and bringing them relief from mental health conditions, such as anxiety or depression. There are many ways to deliver integrative healthcare services - but one attractive option is providing all the information patients need via an online portal.

  • Patients don't have to leave their homes.
  • Patients can access your services 24/7
  • Your service becomes accessible to anyone in the world with an internet connection.
  • You can reach a wider audience.
  • It's less expensive than traditional methods.

Advantages Of An Online Portal For Patients And Providers

One of the biggest advantages of delivering your service online is reaching more patients. More than 50 percent of U.S. adults now own a smartphone and mobile apps, so by using an online portal, you can ensure that your integrative healthcare services and well-being are available and delivered straight to a large chunk of your potential patient population who might need it.

Another advantage is convenience. It’s much easier for people to access their information and have their complementary and integrative health care on the go with an online portal than it would be if they were required to come into medical centers multiple times throughout the year for appointments and assessments.

With an online portal, patients can find all the information they need in one place – and they don’t have to take time out of their busy schedules or put on pants to get there!

To top it off, offering communication through an online portal is more convenient for health care providers as well. You can send messages directly when you want and respond quickly when asked questions without having to appropriately schedule office visits or phone calls around your other patients/client schedules.

Why Does Integrative Healthcare Work So Well Online

Here are some reasons why delivering your service online can help you reach your patients and target audience more efficiently:

You Save Time

One of the biggest perks of delivering your services online is that it saves you a lot of time. You don’t have to take valuable time out of your day to commute to appointments or spend hours searching for the most accurate information on integrative healthcare treatment options.

Lower Cost

Another perk of delivering your services online is that it costs less than providing face-to-face consultations with patients. The costs will vary depending on the size and scope of your business. Still, overall, digital consultation will be cheaper than traditional methods because there are no costly overhead expenses like renting office space and paying for staff wages.

More Flexibility

With digital consultations, you can set up flexible hours and allow patients from anywhere to book an appointment at their convenience, so you don’t have to worry about being tied down with a 9-5 job schedule like a traditional doctor would be with a brick.

Why Deliver Your Service Online?

There are several reasons why providers are interested in delivering services through an online portal. Some of the most popular benefits include:

  • Increased patient engagement
  • Reduced costs
  • Better results
  • More convenience
  • Accessibility to services 24/7, 365 days a year

One of the main benefits is increased patient engagement. Providing all the information patients need in one place can be very beneficial. You will want to make sure that you have it organized and easy to navigate.

Patient-centered care will engage with your practice and learn about different integrative therapies patients can try on their own time. Patients who feel engaged with their provider’s office experience better outcomes, so providing all information in one location is a good idea.

Massage therapists don’t have to make appointments with their patients; they can provide the services online and wait for their patient’s responses.

How To Effectively Manage Your Online Presence

Integrative healthcare practitioners now can market their services on these networks and reach a wider audience than ever before.

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If you want to reach your target audience more efficiently, you should consider investing in an online portal that will provide information about your services to patients in need. There are several advantages associated with using an online portal to deliver your service, including:

  • Patients can find your business from anywhere at any time
  • You can create a custom website for each patient
  • Better lead management

What To Consider When Delivering Your Service Online

Before you start investing in an online portal, consider a few things.

First, how will you keep your information secure? You need to ensure that the site is protected with a reliable security system, such as HTTPS.

Second, you have to make sure that the site is optimized for search engines and designed well so it’s easy to navigate.

One of the most critical is HIPAA compliance. If you are not familiar with HIPAA, it stands for the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, a 1996 legislation that sets national standards for the security and privacy of health information.

Since HIPAA was enacted, it has become increasingly important for businesses to protect the privacy of their customers’ health information. This is especially true for businesses that offer online services, as there is a greater risk for data theft and privacy breaches. If your business is not HIPAA compliant, you could face significant fines and other penalties.

Finally, make sure the site contains all of the relevant information people need before contacting your business.

For example, if you offer integrative medicine for chronic pain management, your website should include information about chronic pain and how integrative healthcare can help manage it.


Integrative healthcare providers need an online presence. Integrative medicine is now more popular than ever, and patients are actively searching for medical professionals who offer these alternative therapies.

To effectively manage your online presence, you should consider investing in an online portal that will provide information to patients in need. Using an online platform can benefit providers in many ways, including increased patient engagement, reduced costs, better results, and more convenience.

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