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Sukanya Kakoty

The Best Appointment Scheduling Software in 2024

appointment scheduling and calendar management is made easy with online appointment scheduling software

Are you tired of the never-ending dance of scheduling meetings, managing bookings, chasing payments, and dealing with last-minute cancellations? We get it; it can be a real challenge! But guess what? There's a silver lining to this cloud of chaos.

Today, technology has your back, turning these challenges into opportunities. Say goodbye to manual tasks and hello to a renewed focus on your clients. Your dreams of increased revenue and earnings are within reach!

However, if you're still feeling like this dream is out of grasp, it might be time to ask yourself a few important questions:

  • Is your Appointment Scheduling tool not giving you enough out of what you invested?
  • Is your current appointment scheduler missing a personal touch during the initial client interaction? 
  • Is it too difficult to synchronize calendars? 
  • Is the software way too complex to understand? 
  • What about payment methods, integrations, and data security? Are you still having to handle certain aspects manually?
  • Is the software too high on your budget? 
  • Is the client communication aspect still an issue with your current software?

Ultimately, the benefits of appointment scheduling software should go beyond just improving efficiency for business owners and managers. Clients should also greatly appreciate the convenience and ease of scheduling appointments according to their preferences. In a business driven by appointments, the client experience is paramount.

How to Choose the Right Appointment Scheduling Software for Your Business?

While it can be quite overwhelming to finally decide on the right appointment scheduling software for your business, given the wide range of options available, there are useful indicators that can help guide administrators and buyers in the right direction.

Here are 7 easy indicators to consider that’ll guide you in ultimately choosing the best one for your business-

  1. Technology
  2. Ease of Use
  3. Scalability
  4. Pricing
  5. Proactive Support
  6. Integrations
  7. Customer Experience

Let’s dive into more details-

1. Technology- 

Using an appointment scheduling system means relying on a specific technology to streamline your work. The software's technological capabilities define which one suits your business best. An ideal system smoothly schedules and syncs appointments, handles payments effectively and lets you customize it with fonts, logos, widgets, and social media integration. It also nurtures client relationships through auto-emails and aligns with your business needs for maximum productivity. 

The presence of these fundamental elements serves as a strong indicator to consider while trying software.

best appointment scheduling apps helps in scheduling meetings, payment processing, calendar integration, appointment reminders and resource scheduling

2. Ease of Use-

When picking an appointment scheduling software, ‘ease of use’ becomes paramount. Firstly, from the perspective of business owners and admins, adopting the software should not come at any cost. It should be simple and straightforward, devoid of a steep learning curve. 

Here are two things to take care of. Firstly, obviously, as already mentioned, getting used to the software should come easy for an administrator as they will be taking care of backend handling, appointments, staff scheduling, payments, communication, and more. Hence, the appointment scheduling software should make it easy for the admin to get a lot done without having to intervene manually. 

Secondly, if the software is not user-friendly for the end clients, they won’t prefer using it. The software should facilitate easy discovery of available slots and seamless booking, cancellation, rescheduling, and payment processes. This ensures a hassle-free experience for customers and enhances overall satisfaction.

3. Scalability-

Whether you're a budding business or an established one, the aspect of scalability in an appointment scheduling system should never be overlooked. As time progresses, the potential for your business to expand becomes more evident. Therefore, it's crucial that the booking system you rely on has the capacity to facilitate this growth seamlessly, without any hindrance. Unlike traditional systems that struggle to adapt to evolving industry dynamics and business requirements, a modern solution should offer the essential flexibility to cater to your diverse needs.

Omnify is a free appointment scheduler

The hallmark of top-notch appointment scheduling software lies in its ability to accommodate the increasing demand for classes, time slots, schedules, staff, and more. Additionally, for those on specific plans, the platform's user-friendliness should extend to flexible options for upgrades or cancellations without incurring undue fees or penalties. This scalability ensures that your clients can effortlessly secure appointments, receiving a consistent level of service, regardless of how fast your company expands.

4. Pricing-

While any suitable appointment scheduling software will meet your booking and business management needs, it should also align with your business’s operational requirements and be cost-effective. For any business, the financial implications of adopting such a system should never outweigh its benefits or strain its financial resources.

Investing in a solution that adequately caters to your business’s needs without being a heavy investment can make a significant difference to the overall efficiency and customer experience.

In this context, it is nicer if any appointment scheduler provides a Free Trial or a Forever Free Plan on its basic features. It has several benefits, such as accessible entry points for new or small businesses that have limited resources and budgets. Secondly, a Free Plan allows a risk-free trial where business admins can explore the software’s effectiveness, user-friendliness, customization, and compatibility without committing to a paid plan. 

Such an approach not only grants valuable insights into the software's strengths and weaknesses but also evaluates the efficacy of its support team. This well-rounded assessment ensures a prudent and informed choice for your business.

5. Proactive Support-

No matter how user-friendly your selected appointment scheduling software may be, here’s another indicator to easily find a software that works the best for your business. Their role goes beyond technical assistance – it signifies the platform's commitment to your business's success.

A few signs are to check if the booking system has reliable customer support and to see if it has all the necessary resources for easy access such as phone support, live chat, 24/7 assistance including weekends, email support, social media presence, etc. 

Another aspect of exceptional support is proactive readiness. A good team anticipates potential issues and maintains regular touchpoints to promptly address concerns, preventing any disruptions and ensuring smooth communication with businesses.

6. Integrations-

In your business operations, you likely rely on essential tools such as accounting software, email marketing platforms, team collaboration tools, and lead generation solutions. When selecting an appointment scheduling solution, it's vital to ensure that it offers solutions for these diverse aspects or seamlessly integrates with your existing tech stack.

The software should enable effortless connections via Zapier integration with platforms like Slack, Zoom, and QuickBooks while extending its integration capabilities to include your CRM, calendar, and other essential business tools. This ensures smooth navigation and a harmonious workflow and enhances overall operational efficiency.

7. Customer Experience-

Customer Experience is another vital indicator of good appointment scheduling software. Because in the end, all the hustle and hard work is solely to create the best customer experience for your appointments and sessions, and it starts right from the word ‘Go!’ 

Customer experience entails not just how your appointments went but what the whole booking experience was like. This experience should flow seamlessly whether someone is booking on a website or app and if it’s consistent with your brand.

However, the scope extends beyond booking alone. A robust appointment scheduling software should encompass a comprehensive range of features that facilitate communication, encompassing appointment confirmations, reminders, rescheduling notifications, cancellations, waitlist updates, and payment details. It's a holistic journey that safeguards the clients' experience, spanning right from exploring slots to landing on actual appointments.

What are the Best Appointment Scheduling Software to Consider in 2024?

Further, making things easier for you even more (and that’s what we do), we brought a list of a few of the best Appointment Scheduling Software.

  1. Omnify
  2. Acuity Scheduling
  3. Appointy
  4. Square Appointments
  6. Calendly
  7. Setmore
  8. Appointlet
  9. Vagaro
  10. Zoho Bookings

These software have been evaluated based not just on reviews and ratings but also on usage, simplicity, cost-effectiveness, ease of adoption, and, most notably, suitability with a specific business type. Check out the details below-

1. Omnify

Omnify is an online booking software that helps to streamline your upcoming appointments and recurring appointments with real-time automated scheduling.

Omnify is a premier Appointment Scheduling Tool empowering service-based businesses to secure appointments way in advance, offering multiple slots and recurring booking options. Omnify enables the automatic creation of Zoom links for appointments, seamless scheduling within the same calendar, and much more. Omnify has taken a comprehensive approach to understanding the distinctive issues that appointment-focused businesses encounter and has expertly crafted customized solutions to tackle these concerns effectively.

 With an ‘Advanced Booking’ feature, the platform allows business admins to set the window for clients to schedule appointments ahead of time, enhancing convenience for both parties involved. In addition, Omnify's Appointments Solution facilitates the sharing of schedules among staff members, guaranteeing clients to find available slots with ease even if a preferred time is unavailable on the main schedule by seamlessly booking with another team member, leading to retaining valuable clientele.

Another custom-made cutting-edge feature allows bundled appointment slots. Here, businesses can sell packages of appointment slots by creating a bundle with recurring benefits over a specified period.

Apart from that, another widely known and distinguishing feature of Omnify is its exceptional customer support that caters to individual business needs with enthusiasm, unlike its larger counterparts.

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2. Acuity Scheduling- 

appointment scheduling app eases up the scheduling process and improves customer satisfaction

Acuity Scheduling is a known name in the field of appointment management. It lends a professional touch to businesses with a user-friendly interface and ease of set-up. Notably, its integration with Google Calendar stands out as a key feature, enabling quick synchronization of appointments and enhancing the ability to keep track of a week's schedule. 

Acuity’s capability to generate multiple appointment links tailored to different types of appointments is most loved by people. Another shiny trait is its flexible scheduling options that help prevent scheduling conflicts. 

They provide a comprehensive seven-day free trial and offer robust help documentation, which eliminates the need for extensive email exchanges or lengthy conversations with clients.

In essence, Acuity Scheduling has redefined the approach to appointment management, offering a combination of convenience and efficiency across platforms.

3. Appointy

Book appointments and manage appointments with appointment booking software and improve client management

Appointy is a remarkable scheduling service that seamlessly combines user-friendliness and effortless integration. The elegant interface greets users with a user-friendly calendar view, offering easy-to-click dates to unveil available times—a simplicity that defines convenience.

As a stand-out feature, Appointy offers its clients the ability to handle bookings across different time zones, making international conversion seamless. Another notable feature is its compatibility with various social media platforms like Instagram, making it easier for businesses to drive bookings from an Instagram profile. 

In essence, Appointy is emerging as a dynamic scheduling solution, embracing simplicity, adaptability, and integration to cater to diverse business needs.

4. Square Appointments

appointment scheduling software automates bookings, online payments, and more.

Square Appointments is an intuitive scheduling solution that empowers businesses to embed a user-friendly calendar on their website and phone. It enables clients to request appointment times at their convenience while keeping the control in the hands of business owners to review and approve requested appointments before confirmation. Once approved, the system takes over, efficiently syncing the appointment to your phone's calendar.

What sets Square Appointments apart is its remarkable time-saving capabilities, ensuring that the checkout process of appointments is simple and hassle-free by sending out Zoom invites and appointment reminder texts. The software’s strength lies in its ease of use - a couple of clicks are all it takes to schedule appointments, set days, create alerts, and send personalized notifications to customers. 

The primary customer base for them is the health and wellness industry.

5. Simply

appointment scheduling apps makes scheduling appointments from multiple locations easy is a transformative booking solution with a basic free plan that works as an ideal partner in managing businesses if you start new or small. In each pricing plan, you can select a specific number of features according to your preferences.

The platform's exceptional user-friendliness has garnered praise from clients, streamlining the online booking process. The seamless integration with personal Google calendars ensures efficient scheduling, even from mobile devices. After proper setup and customization, administration becomes minimal, allowing users to monitor real-time bookings effortlessly.

A stand-out feature of is its user-friendly ‘drag-and-drop’ facilitating swift creation and launch of visually appealing booking pages. It enhances brand value by accommodating diverse design and branding preferences.

Its target audience is from different industries, including health and wellness, beauty, sports and fitness, events, retail, etc.

6. Calendly

One of the prime tools in the appointment scheduling software market

(One of the prime tools in the appointment scheduling software market)

Calendly is a straightforward online scheduling tool. With its set of calendar preferences, users can easily share a scheduling link, and clients can book appointments. It automates tasks like reminders, freeing up time for business-building. It simplifies scheduling, avoiding endless emails.

Calendly stands out for its simplicity and ease of use. It is best for meeting scheduling, especially virtual ones, by offering browser extensions and mobile apps for easy remote video conferencing.

It is worth noting that Calendly may not offer extensive client management capabilities, invoicing features, or intricate service customization features often vital for businesses seeking a more comprehensive approach to appointment scheduling. Therefore, Calendly is an ideal choice for solopreneurs and businesses primarily focused on scheduling meetings, particularly in a virtual context.

7. Setmore

Setmore Online scheduling software is a good choice to schedule meetings

Setmore is another unique online scheduling platform that empowers businesses to efficiently manage appointments and enhance customer engagement. With a sleek calendar system, it simplifies appointment coordination and offers the flexibility to scale your business. 

Its personalized Booking Page helps in amplifying business reach, enabling clients to self-schedule and pay for services. 

Setmore’s outstanding value is its simplicity and ease of use as an appointment scheduling tool, which is much appreciated by its users. Combined with an intuitive interface and cost-effective pricing, Setmore is a good choice for small businesses and individuals seeking efficient calendar management, payment options, and planning meetings with employees. Setmore’s customer support is highly efficient and one of the strongest appealing features of the software.

While it excels in ease of use, some users have expressed interest in additional features, such as a user-friendly search function and service categorization options, especially when offering a complex or diverse range of services. 

With a few enhancements in the areas of service category display, payment tracking, invoice-based transactions, refund processes, buffer time options, recurring appointments, white-labeling, and more, this software is poised to be a compelling choice for businesses in 2024! While it has some limitations, Setmore remains a user-friendly scheduling tool that caters well to businesses with straightforward needs.

8. Appointlet

Automate scheduling with Appointlet's hassle free booking experience

Appointlet has been around for more than a decade now, but its relevance in the world of appointment scheduling or booking meetings has not gone out of fashion. Appointlet helps in seamless bookings via Google, Outlook, and Office 365 calendars, so businesses can focus most of the time on doing what should be an essential priority. 

Appointlet has highly benefitted teams that seek a straightforward and cost-effective appointment scheduling solution, and most users have reported a 300% increase in sales as one remarkable benefit of this software.

While Appointlet is great for small businesses and individuals with uncomplicated needs, it may not be the best fit for businesses requiring complex team scheduling or advanced payment processing features.

One area where Appointlet can enhance user experience is by allowing greater flexibility in creating meeting types that can seamlessly blend pooled and non-pooled availability. Additionally, providing enhanced support for pooled availability assignment rules would further optimize team member bookings.

When it comes to providing a free tier that encompasses unlimited bookings, diverse meeting types, and customizable form fields, especially for straightforward business requirements, Appointlet stands out as a top software to consider in 2024.

9. Vagaro

Manage own appointments better with Vagaro's booking process

Vagaro is one of the leading appointment scheduling software for businesses in the beauty, wellness, and fitness industries. With seamless 24/7 booking and payment processing capabilities, a suite of tools for creating online stores, calendar synchronizations, integrations, social media, and the Vagaro Marketplace, it focuses on the diverse needs of small businesses. 

Users praise Vagaro as the ultimate salon software, citing its affordability, user-friendly interface, and comprehensive features such as appointment reminders, waivers, consultations, intake forms, and point systems. 

Despite some minor performance limitations compared to competitors, Vagaro delivers robust functionality at a highly affordable price point, making it an attractive option for cost-conscious salons and independent professionals looking for comprehensive software solutions.

Vagaro's software has been impressively user-friendly and efficient. While it currently doesn't provide QR codes for booking links, this feature could be a valuable addition to further enhance user convenience. There's also room for growth in the analysis and reporting capabilities, allowing for greater customization and in-depth insights, which would be a fantastic enhancement. Additionally, considering the inclusion of a "guest" checkout option would undoubtedly be a welcomed improvement. These suggestions are geared towards making an already excellent software even better, ultimately elevating the user experience.

10. Zoho Bookings

Manage appointments through the store's own booking page via Zoho Bookings

Zoho Bookings offers a valuable solution, particularly beneficial for businesses with a growing customer base seeking to streamline appointment management. It functions as an optimized CRM for booking tasks, eliminating the need for manual note-taking. 

Zoho Bookings shines in its effortless integration with a range of Zoho applications, including CRM, Meeting, Flow, and Sites. 

Zoho Bookings proves especially advantageous for service businesses and providers, offering diverse scheduling options for businesses requiring both in-person and virtual appointments. This flexibility benefits professionals with a mix of physical and virtual clients, such as wellness coaches, who can effortlessly allow clients to choose their preferred visit type. Zoho Bookings provides the convenience of Multi-Location Scheduling, enabling businesses with multiple branches to manage all their locations through a single platform.

By implementing some key improvements, such as better customization control, simpler integration processes, the flexibility to establish unique schedules for different appointment types, introducing booking frequency limits per client on a monthly or weekly basis, and native SMS functionality, Zoho Bookings is poised for a successful 2024.


The challenges of managing schedules, bookings, payments, and client interactions are all too real. While technology offers a solution to turning meetings into opportunities and manual work into history, it depends on your business size, clientele type, team size, budget, and more. Select the software that best resonates with your personal touch, synchronization, complexity, payment methods, usability, and ease of adoption.

Omnify offers health, fitness, and wellness centers around the world an all-in-one appointment scheduling solution that eliminates all the unnecessary hassles of business operations and lets you be mindful of giving the best to your clients and members. Get Started for FREE today and find out how Omnify would work for you today!


Here's the top-rated Appointment Scheduling Software evaluated based on reviews, usability, budget, compatibility for simplifying business operations!

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