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Kabandi Saikia

How to Increase Sales using Leaderboards in Omnify?

Did you know that you can create Leaderboard for your staff members from your Omnify Dashboard?

Honestly, we stumbled across this when one of our clients used our Discounts feature to generate more sales and create competition among their staff members. When we were made aware of this, we too decided to jump the bandwagon. And, it was super fun

How does it work?

If you go to the Marketing tab in the Dashboard, you will find Discounts. In the Discounts, we created coupons with 20% off and got them named after each of our team members. We created multiple of them- Example: VIKRAM, KABANDI, MANIK, ANUBHAV. So, all of us reaching out to new clients were offering our unique codes. As soon as someone signed up with one of our codes, the system tracked it. We could easily track the number from the Discounts board. 

With the Discounts board in Omnify, you can see how many coupons have been redeemed against each Coupon ID created. In this case, it was the name of our Team Members. So as you can see, I am topping the leaderboard with 30 coupons being used successfully that means 30 new customers. Yay! But Vikram is catching up with 28 coupons.

Discounts Board in Omnify Dashboard

Isn’t it fun? Now, help me keep the top position, use coupon code KABANDI and get 20% on your first bill :)

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Leaderboards are a fun way of tracking the performance of your employees. This allows your employees to compare their performance and where they stand.

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