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Pragati Sharma

How to Run a Holiday Deal with Omnify?

It’s just the best time for businesses to sell their services like hotcakes! The holiday season starts from the time of Thanksgiving, builds up to Christmas, and ends with the New year. It is time for businesses to utilize the ramped-up shopping spree of holiday shoppers.

Seize the opportunity and accelerate sales goals with an excellent holiday marketing campaign and strap up to sell more.

Everyone loves a good discount, and everyone expects a seasonal deal. With Omnify, your business can run a deal without any hassles! And yes, there are no overhead costs to run your holiday deals.

So, How to Easily Run a Holiday Deal with Omnify?

  1. Customize your Campaign
  2. Send Holiday Email Blast
  3. Create Discount Coupons
  4. Set a Holiday Sales Countdown using Poptin

Scroll down and get a detailed explanation (5 mins read) of how to set up your business campaign with Omnify.

1. Customize your Campaign

You don’t want to get your Holiday Sales promotion to go unnoticed! Whether you can get your creative juices flowing or not while finally shaping your campaign, with Omnify, you can get your campaign fully customized, branded, and stand out in an ultimate easy way.

All you have to do is create a customized cover image and put it up on your storefront (service store). You can link on this link to get a step-wise direction on How to change the cover photo for Holiday Sales?

2. Send Holiday Email Blast

All your marketing efforts on ‘offering quality service’ but with slashed prices boils down to getting your customers and prospects excited about the ‘discount.’ One direct shortcut is sending discount codes and deals to all the leads via email that are stored in the Omnify CRM. 

3. Create Discount Coupons

Did you know that 50% of customers spend 2 hours each week on average looking for discount coupons?

Creating discount coupons is the easiest way to offer deals. Apart from increasing sales for the year, coupons help businesses to track sales patterns and consumer behavior. Here is a link to a video that will help you create discounts easily. You can send these discounts to your clients and get those bookings in. Learn how to create discounts by clicking here.

4. Set a Holiday Sales Countdown using Poptin.

Just like a visit to an offline store directs a buyer to get to what they are looking for through various signs. Your online storefront also needs helpful signs to direct a prospective customer’s attention toward your holiday promotional offers and sales. 

Pop-ups are equivalent online signs to help potential customers with relevant information. 

Using Poptin, you can create a pop-up that would show up on the screen as soon as someone lands on your service store. You can play around with these pop-ups as they are fully customizable and make your store look super fun. Here is a short video to help set up a pop-up for your customers.

Feel free to reach out to  If you have any questions.


Check out these 4 great ways in which businesses can easily customize and run a seasonal promotion campaign or Holiday deals with Omnify, without any hassles!

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