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Sukanya Kakoty

Omnify Celebrates World Wellness Weekend

World Wellness Weekend

The year 2020 has been a pressing one for gyms and studios when the facilities were locked for a good amount of time. It was nothing less than a nightmare for fitness enthusiasts and gym-lovers world over. Yet it is amazing how the fitness industry has found alternate ways to keep the fitness drive unstoppable. The global fitness industry saw a revolution in terms of virtual fitness classes and how people continued their relationship with wellness in the eye of a pandemic!

Fitness and good health have never been more important - and now it’s a global responsibility to boost immunity and strength. Who better for this job than gyms, fitness clubs, yoga studios and all wellness platforms? 

World Wellness Weekend is both a celebration and a revolutionary initiative to reach out to all community members to help them experience wellness like never before. It’s time your customers know about your fitness services; diversify your reach across multiple platforms leveraging technology with platforms such as Omnify breaking all barriers to build a community and not just a connection!

Sept 19-20, 2020 marks the World Wellness Weekend. Get Ready Wellness Pioneers. Escalate your energy and positivity to spread wellness that the globe needs more than ever!

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World Wellness Weekend 2020 is a global fitness movement. Omnify celebrates it by technologically empowering the fitness sector.

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