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Sukanya Kakoty

Two simple Omnify feature-tips to promote your business

Running a service business has drastically changed over the years, with online booking systems opening gates to diversified ways of managing a business and how prospective customers are approaching it. Your digital address in terms of websites, online marketing, and social media presence is the first thing that draws the attention of your potential buyers. and helps in effective brand awareness. Your own website grants potential customers a virtual window shopping of your store, even before they are actually there!

It's the first place where relevant audiences come to know about the services you offer. It essentially reflects your brand, your style, and probably strikes a notion among the users about your company. Visual branding elements like colors, fonts, cover page photos, logos, images help in building a visual identity of your brand. Other than that your business website's ease of navigation, and finding the required information are a few elements that give your website the edge among your target audience. You ultimately expect your website to help get your business some real conversions and brand loyalty in the long run.

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If you own a fitness center, your website should substantially mirror everything that your facility stands for. This is a very important way t promote your business, reach your target audience and get more customers eventually. Your website should meet the required SEO (Search Engine Optimization) criteria to be more distinguishable in search engines and have a higher search ranking. The method of online listings is one very crucial way to move forward in this direction. It gives your business website the credibility it deserves, a genuineness that it should possess in terms of dispersion business and contact information and of course be found in google search results. Without a doubt, potential and new customers will have the impression that you are a true professional. Your website should look polished, which makes your brand stand out! So, customizing your website is an essential part of your business.

Branding as an important element to promote your business

What are the two simple Omnify feature tips to promote your business?

  1. Feature One: Adding Brand Logo/Logo URL
  2. Feature Two: SEO Settings

An effective online reservation platform gives any service business all of these and more! At times your website might not attract the desired traffic. The visual content that you shared might need an extra boost to build community. A booking platform gives you limitless ways to build a brand out of your business, which is a sure-shot way to make your clients love you! And what else, well, you get to control every aspect of your booking process, staff access, and keep your calendars full throughout the year! Dig in to know how-

1. Adding Brand Logo/ Logo URL

Omnify has unique and incredible features to provide businesses with booking and scheduling ease. With intuitive tools, a booking platform like Omnify increasingly facilitates businesses and their customers to align with their respective needs. With the ability to personalize your website according to your business requirements, you can experiment and make the most out of it. Elements like support for sales and analytics, software integrations, custom branding, and several other features are helpful enough to attract your target audience, increase your brand value, and make perfect business sense!

One small but interesting feature regarding custom branding in Omnify is the 'Logo URL.' When your customers log in to the application, the company logo appears in the header. When the user clicks on the company's logo, it is redirected to the defined logo URL. In your case, it will redirect to your official business website or the Service Store homepage (default). In this way, Omnify gives businesses a unique way for their clients to browse their facilities just with one click on the logo in the service store. With this feature, businesses can give a virtual tour of their services and make a good impression in front of their clients. Logo URL feature is one tiny yet significant step to 'Add a redirect to home or any other page when clients click on the logo.'

Adding brand logo and url to Omnify dashboard

2. SEO Settings

There are dozens of benefits from SEO settings. It is not just about optimizing search engines but also about creating an advanced user experience, establishing a substantial online presence, brand awareness, and a canonical image. For a small business owner, SEO is even more critical to decrease bounce rates and increase conversion rates. High-ranking SERPs help in trust-building from your potential customers and is probably one of the most affordable marketing strategies for your site.

Share relevant content with high SEO to reach relevant audience

Omnify gives your business the tremendous benefit of creating SEO for your website in these few steps.

Navigate through Omnify Dashboard > Settings > Service Store >SEO.

Under SEO settings, all you need to do is enter your Service Store's Title and Description in the given boxes displayed on the search engine results page (SERP). The meta title should have an optimal length between 55-60, and the meta description should have an optimal length of 180-300 characters.

There you go!

How to manage SEO settings on Omnify dashboard

These are two simple ways out of many that your business can benefit from Omnify. This booking and scheduling platform certainly speeds up reach-outs as you shape your brand's best first impression.

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The blog highlights two simple features of Omnify for easy business promotion- Logo URL and SEO settings to optimize search, business's visibility, and sales.

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