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Sukanya Kakoty

Why does your Business need an Online Waiver? 

Online liability waivers function as an electronic signature for your clients to accept your business policies before using your service. Online waivers are indispensable for service businesses and especially the ones in fitness, sports, and recreation. It might look like a small thing, but digital waivers have plenty of advantages. 

Firstly, think of a situation where you are running a fitness center, at the front desk of your facility, or any service business requiring reservations or appointments. With a digital waiver mechanism, you have a whole lot of benefits. You don't need to keep your guests waiting for long to go through your waiver and then sign. Hence, online waivers allow faster check-ins, which means less load for your staff, lesser waiting time, and quickly filling up your calendars.

Sounds great, right?

A person checking an online liability waiver

Let's check out other benefits of online waivers.

As electronic waivers stay in your cloud-based online booking system like Omnify, your team certainly needs to manage a lot less paperwork. Liability waivers are a significant aspect of running any business. Digital waivers are a step ahead as these are protected in the cloud system. It frees you from the clutches of managing an insane amount of papers! So, you can just sit back and focus on the core aspects of your business.

Digital waiver mentions the terms of service of a business

Everyone loves to have a seamless booking experience. Your website gives your clients the idea of how professional your business is. So by the time they browse your website and go ahead with the booking process, a digital waiver pop-up makes you look professional and your facility' state-of-the-art'. 

It is 'touch-free.' Online waivers are here to stay. Especially in a Covid and the post-Covid world, digital waivers are crucial. Because businesses are reopening with the underlying risk of Covid exposure, there are three things to keep in mind-

  • Businesses face potential liability as they allow customers inside their premises.
  • Know about the options to limit the potential liability.
  • Covid-19 declarations to know more about your customers for additional protection and information.

And, what more? Without the use of paper, online waivers are fantastic for the environment!!

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Running a fitness business or sports facility can come with a number of risks! Find out how you can protect your business today with a digital liability waiver.

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