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Sukanya Kakoty

Virtual Studios: The New Normal for Fitness Businesses

A trainer during a virtual fitness class

According to IHRSA, by 2019 the fitness industry (mostly brick and mortar) earned revenue worth more than $94 Billion. But the year 2020 seemed to be a hard-hitting one for the fitness industry with the sudden closing of gyms and fitness centers. The workforce, owners, instructors everywhere had a devastating impact on their businesses and incomes. While the recovery looked manageable for fitness giants; it was the small fitness studios that bore the brunt.

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Because these are trying times, everyone needs support. Everyone needs the resources to recover from income loss and retain connections with clients.  Nothing is better than an advanced and affordable means of sustaining business than technology. Omnify has made it possible for gym owners, instructors, and small studios to easily go online with their services. Running virtual fitness classes with a seamless technology set-up has alleviated the pressure off dismantling businesses.  Video workouts and training have started trending. For many, virtual fitness became the star of the season!

Small businesses are an integral part of our community and there’s no better time than now to enhance this bonding! Omnify has helped hundreds of small and medium fitness studios go online and the demand for set-ups is surging.

Virtual fitness has made a tectonic shift in how people see fitness today. Creativity and innovation are all that’s required to keep your business and community fit. Virtual fitness has made this accessibility possible. Omnify users have managed to stay very visible, viable, and connected to their client base. Good health and wellness is an ongoing process. Thus, Omnify supports fitness businesses in all forms!

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A year on from the pandemic and virtual fitness classes have become part of the ‘new normal’! Here’s how you can deliver a quality virtual fitness experience.

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