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Sukanya Kakoty

Why Health and Fitness Brands Need a Great Logo

A successful fitness brand or fitness business, having a business logo is important

The billion-dollar market size of health and fitness brands is guaranteed to have great competition. 

Anyone planning to delve into the fitness industry should expect to see companies offering classic fitness club services to unique concepts like cat yoga classes or online jazz Zumba. 

Apart from providing exceptional services and goods at capturing the attention of your audience, one of the many ways is in increasing your visibility in the market by having a compelling visual identity. 

Having a logo for your fitness and wellness business is your first step to creating a solid brand identity. A unique logo helps in sending out your fitness brand's message loud and clear.

A logo or a brand mark is the face of your brand. It embodies your company values as well as your goods and services. 

Creating a logo for a fitness business

Here are 7 astounding reasons why you need a good fitness logo.

  1. Drives brand awareness
  2. Creates an excellent first impression
  3. Veer away from design cliches
  4. Communicates your specialty to your audience
  5. Inspires Trust
  6. Cultivates Loyalty
  7. Improves brand consistency

Let's scroll down a bit more to learn about each of these points in greater detail.

1. Drives brand awareness 

Potential customers checking out fitness centers and yoga centers

When you hear the word 'McDonald's, your mind pictures the golden arch logo- its iconic shape serves as the American fast-food chain's identifier. Similarly, your fitness company logo will give your audience something to remember you. Logo branding plays a part in shaping how the audience sees your brand by being your brand's image in your customer's mind.

2. Create an excellent first impression

The right logo attracts your target audience and makes your yoga studio unique

It takes less than ten seconds for consumers to build a judgment of any brand. During this period, you want to present your fitness brand in the best light possible. That's why you want to source a logo design that captures your values and what makes you different from other brands. You can make use of athletic typography and great illustration to draw-in people. 

3. Veer away from design cliches

Ideating on fitness logo ideas and logo design tips

The primary purpose of a logo is to make your image look distinct, not commonplace. Remember to avoid overused design because it will not help your brand stand out. It means taking more time to conceptualize your design and researching your competitors' branding to avoid similarities. A great workaround is to keep it simple and aim to create a timeless design. 

4. It communicates your specialty to your audience

A creative logo helps represent wellness brands and brand values well

Do you offer hot yoga classes? HIIT courses? A logo will help your fitness club send a message to your audience. It will signal that you have what they're looking for. To do this, you want to include illustrations of people doing the workouts you offer or even common symbols associated with your niche. For example, if you're a soul cycle gym, it's best to have your logo feature stationary bikes or people using the equipment.

5. Inspires trust

A personal trainer while training a member at a gym

Think of logos as a symbol of accountability. It's the constant mark you use on your invoice, website, email signature, and other marketing collateral. Plus, a professional logo will keep your image as a credible fitness brand that stays up to date with the industry's current trends. On the other hand, an outdated image may not be the most effective in attracting modern consumers.

6. Cultivates loyalty

A great fitness logo helps in sending out the brand message and capturing the right target audience

For your existing customers, logos help them relate to and support your brand. It is a familiar sign that they can associate with your goods or services. A timeless logo lets you become a recognizable brand that consumers can connect with. For example, if you're planning to target trendy millennials, designs inspired by modernity will work. 

7. Improves brand consistency 

Gym logos and wellness logos of fitness businesses should be in all marketing materials

Your logo is the face of your fitness brand, a common element of every brand asset and campaign. Brand marks are applied to social media, web design, business cards, and any marketing collateral. Brand marks are memorable signals that help the audience differentiate you from competitors. 

How to create a fitness brand logo?

Today, businesses have many resources to use when it comes to sourcing a design. In this section, you'll find different options that can work for startups or even micro-businesses. These are a few of the ways in which you can get design ideas and create logos that exemplify your brand vision best.

  1. Work with a Freelancer
  2. Crowdsource
  3. Tap an Agency
  4. Use a logo maker

Let's dig deeper into these 4 ways that will help generate concept-based ideas keeping the central focus on creating the best logo design for your fitness business.

1. Work with a freelancer

Use professional designers to work on creating great fitness brand logos

New companies do not have access to in-house graphic designers. Luckily, there are freelancing platforms on the internet where you can connect with designers such as Dribble and Upwork. You can use the website to check out their portfolio and research project rates.

2. Crowdsource

Designers working to put out best logos and design ideas

Ensign crowdsourcing platforms let you hold a design contest. These websites have a community of designers who will submit different design proposals that follow your design brief. Some platforms can give you an average of 50 design bids. It's up to you to pick the best one from the submission pool you received.

3. Tap an agency

Design services help creating different logos and logo designs after thorough research

This option is a bit on the pricey end of the spectrum. Working with a design agency covers branding, campaign materials, and even marketing plans for your business. These agencies often go hand in hand with other agencies such as ad and consulting. 

4. Use a logo maker

Online logo makers offer customizable designs created by graphic designers and artificial intelligence. An online logo maker uses various kinds of tools for logo designing. These tools allow users to browse logo libraries categorized by industry or even generate one using a search engine.


The success of your fitness studio depends on the services and experience that you provide to your clients. But, a good logo design is where you start putting the word out about your business. It is the first thing that potential customers and prospective clients see even before considering choosing any yoga studios or wellness companies. Whether it is on the studio logo stand, near your business name, business letterhead, website, or social media post and handles, a logo is the first element that reflects everything a business or brand stands for. Hence, it is important that you choose your logo design well.

Some logo makers such as BrandCrowd also offer design templates for other brand assets like social media graphics, business cards, and more.

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A catchy logo for a fitness company is the first step of solid brand identity. BrandCrowd's guest article on Omnify emphasizes the importance of a great logo.

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