How Alicante Villas HOA Improved Their Amenity Reservations with Omnify

Alicante Villas HOA had a host of amenities that needed simple reservations
“Don’t burden yourself where you can avoid it. Use Omnify’s easy-to-use, affordable solution and meet your amenities reservation needs.”

- Uri Klement, Alicante Villas HOA

For any community property, amenities present one of the best ways to raise your property value and attract new residents. They serve as excellent outlets for recreation and offer residents great places to socialize and unwind. This is why a memorable experience at your amenities can go a long way towards pleasing your residents.

For Alicante Villas Homeowners Association in Sacramento, California, improving the property’s amenity experience was always a priority. Alicante Villas form a sprawling neighborhood that offer residents a host of amenities including a pool and spa, a clubhouse, laundry facilities, and state-of-the-art fitness centres. The community has a total of 160 units, including apartment-style condominiums and single-story condos. 

Alicante Villas HOA recognized the need for an amenity reservation software

Making life easier for residents

With residents of so many units looking to book time at the HOA amenities, the board at Alicante was inevitably finding it arduous to manage amenity booking operations for their swimming pool and fitness centers. Amenity supervision was also eating into the HOA’s resources more than they would have liked at the time. 

The need for Alicante Villas was to find an efficient and cost-effective amenity reservation software that would simplify their responsibilities. The goal was to set up an easy-to-use and self-managed system that could be comfortably accessed by the residents online. Uri Klement, a board member of Alicante Villas, spoke about their experience with switching to an amenity reservation software.

Omnify helped Alicante Villas HOA simplify amenity reservations effectively

Serving communities with hassle-free bookings

Klement says they came across Omnify as they were searching for an affordable amenity reservation software online. They quickly discovered that the platform met all their needs and then some! 

“The system is easy to use and very simple to configure and support. Omnify provides a self-managed tool for members that does not need manual servicing by amenities attendants.”

With Omnify, not only did the Alicante Villas HOA minimize the hassle of operations on their end, they were able to organize and secure their residents’ data, manage capacity at the amenities, and improve their communication with the residents.

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A booking software receptive to your needs

Since signing up to use Omnify’s amenity management software, operations have been much simpler for the board to handle. Moreover, they have found their operating costs go down thanks to automation throughout the process. According to Uri-

“Omnify’s reservation software saved us the ongoing cost of personnel supervision. We can track amenity booking easily, thereby cutting costs. Moreover, their customer service is supportive and there to help at every step." 

With responsive and alert customer support that understands your requirements, Omnify provides an evolving platform that will fulfill your expectations at every turn. From convenient bookings and scheduling to efficient data and member management, Omnify helps you serve your community effectively with the right technology.

If your HOA is looking for an amenity reservation software to improve efficiencies and reduce operating costs, schedule a quick demo today.

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Alicante Villas HOA shares its experience using Omnify’s Amenity Reservation Software and how it simplified the booking process for staff and residents.

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