How CMD Outsourcing Solutions aced Class Scheduling with Omnify!

Located in Maryland, CMD Outsourcing Solutions, Inc. is a giant in the contact resolution industry. More than just a call center, CMD offers outreach services across several platforms to support departments struggling with customer service issues. For over 20 years, CMD has been balancing their clients' need for resolution while enhancing the client’s reputation and public image. 

Resolving over 1,500,000 customer inquiries annually with a process-oriented focus requires command over effective communication. Because of this mastery, CMD has been trusted by the government, colleges, and healthcare institutes for years, solving their customer service challenges with high-quality communication and support platforms. 

CMD Outsourcing Solutions resolving customers' queries

Leveling up the Game 

The elections are universally a stressful process - for the nominees, the citizens, and the government body. The election committees have the instrumental task of educating the public about the upcoming election season, explaining the proper process, and addressing voters' concerns. 

In its previous collaboration with the local and start government, CMD had offered services such as voter registration, answering incoming calls from voters, and tracking absentee ballots. 

 But with Omnify, CMD reached for the skies.

 “Omnify enabled us to take on the current project with the State Board of Elections.”

Using Omnify, CMD expanded their services from contact resolution with the voters to adding the ability to schedule classes for election judges! As CMD explains - 

“We work with the State Board of Elections to schedule their election judges' training. We pre-load all judges' information who are eligible for training into Omnify so the judges can schedule their classes. This product also allows us to schedule for them if they are unable to themselves.”

First, who is an Election Judge? Election Judges protect the integrity of the election process whose responsibilities include administration, ensuring an accessible election for eligible voters, assisting voters, and much more to aid in the process of a successful voting season.

Election Judges require mandatory training from the board. This is where CMD used Omnify to schedule the classes with a hassle-free process!

 CMD employee assisting voters during the election process through inbound call

Why CMD Outsourcing Solutions Inc. continue to choose Omnify 

CMD has always delivered top-notch quality service. Staying consistent with the high standards, CMD found Omnify to be like no other, as they said - 

“Haven't used any other service like Omnify. In our search, we didn't find anything as customizable as Omnify.”

With Omnify, the board saved time and hassle with a smoother operation. As CMD said - 

“Scheduling classes from the back-end of the system is very easy.”

Omnify eases the scheduling process by adding/removing classes and users, loading a list of users who can schedule their appointments and block anyone else from scheduling, and having the control over booking of classes as per the judges liking. 

As such, Omnify continues to deliver on the promise to provide solutions that make it easy for the Board to manage their bookings and avoid any potential headaches. 

CMD Outsourcing Solutions using Omnify to schedule classes

A commitment to Customer Satisfaction!

Including many features Omnify has to offer, CMD Outsourcing Solutions was blown away with a system that fits their unique needs and a team they can rely on day and night. 

 “Omnify is easy to use. Their team is very responsive and goes out of their way to customize our setup.”

Whether it is the devoted customer services or the user-friendly platform, Omnify ensures that the business always has an attentive partner catering to their needs and taking their business to the next level. 

In Conclusion

Omnify and CMD Outsourcing Solutions do share some things in common - A dedication to customer satisfaction and a stride to provide the best. When it comes to taking on monumental projects like working with the State Board of Elections, Omnify is glad that CMD relied on us! 

If you're in search of booking and class scheduling software to match the needs of your business, look no further! Visit Omnify and Start your Free Trial today!  

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CMD Outsourcing Solutions Inc grew their customer service business by acing class scheduling for the Board of Election with Omnify.

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