How Flow Waterjet Trimmed Class Scheduling Time with Omnify

The origins of Flow Waterjet can be traced to the founding of Flow Research in the early 1970s by a group of R&D scientists from Boeing. Since then, Flow has gradually established itself as a leader in waterjet cutting technology for manufacturing, serving customers across over 100 countries. 

Flow Waterjet offers on-site and e-learning classes to master all aspects of their machinery

With complicated and intricate machinery, Flow understands the need to transfer knowledge to support the machinery. Waterjet systems require a close attention to maintenance and programming to ensure the system stays efficient, while a multitude of advanced applications can deliver the most optimal results for any organization. 

Flow conducts a number of Waterjet e-learning and on-site training classes including glass and tiles cutting classes to help employees at customer organizations learn about their systems inside out. Classes range from basic applications to advanced functionalities and even waterjet service training and troubleshooting operations.

Filtering inefficiencies with technology

With a number of classes to track, Flow began looking for a class scheduling software

With a wide variety of classes and students to track, it was proving to be a significant challenge for the team at Flow to monitor attendance and maintain clean and accurate records. Given the sheer numbers to manage, a manual process meant recording a lot of data on a regular basis and it was consuming avoidable time and effort from the team. 

It was quickly recognized that the best solution here would be to simplify their operations using technology. And thus began their search for a smart and efficient training scheduling software for their on-site and e-learning programs.

Cutting out the hassle with Omnify 

Flow Waterjet was able to simplify its class scheduling with Omnify

That is when they found Omnify to help ease the situation. The staff used Omnify’s dashboard to view attendance data in real-time, record student information, and obtain deeper insights on class sales. 

According to the team-

“Before Omnify, we were finding it cumbersome to follow attendance and student sign ups for all of our classes, but after using their class scheduling software our processes have become much simpler.”

WIth streamlined operations and real-time data availability, the staff have been able to minimize human error and stay on top of their class registrations.

Upgrade Your Class Management

Scheduling and data management became a breeze for Flow after choosing Omnify

Flow saved a lot of time on scheduling and data management which allowed them to slow down and take a closer look at their training modules and teaching methods. By automating laborious manual operations, the team was able to identify and target key areas of improvement across the chain.

And where the team needed guidance, they found it round the clock with Omnify’s customer support. They were especially satisfied with the prompt and fruitful interactions that followed every time there was a situation that needed to be resolved.

Speaking about the experience with Omnify’s customer service, they said-

“The support we received when we ran into issues or had questions was incredible. They were on hand any time of the day to help us out.”

Omnify’s class management software has helped thousands of teachers, trainers and educational institutions save time on day-to-day tasks and focus their energy on improving their classes and customer experience. Learn more about how Omnify can help your team and sign up to transform your organization today!

Find out how Flow Waterjet took control of their class registrations and attendance tracking with Omnify’s class scheduling software.

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