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Sukanya Kakoty

How to Encourage Customers in Switching to Service Packages?

Offering multiple service level packages can drive your sales to new highs

For a business model that offers a variety of services, it can often be challenging to ensure all your services receive equal attention. In order to increase the growth of your business, marketing multiple service packages to your customers will yield faster results. After all, wouldn’t it be exciting for your customers to feel more in control of their options? 

So, what exactly is a service package? Instead of selling a single class to your customers, you can try offering service packages with multiple classes in a bundle. A service package can range from a collection of classes of different types or a series of classes targeted towards a specific goal. Unlike single classes, packages offer more variety to customers and keep them hooked to the business, thus reducing the dropout rate. Also, packages help in shifting the focus for buyers from the cost of the product to its benefits by presenting a combination of services that offer more value. Subsequently, they also increase revenue for your business and make it predictable in terms of cash flow. 

How do you sell service packages?

While you know your business can thrive by offering multiple packages, how can your business make its offer stand out? With so many options online, the supporting services which you provide in the package should stand out. Here are just some of the things you can do to sell more packages to your members:

  • Offer ease of payment, discounts, and more
  • Deliver VIP services
  • Personalize service packages

We will dive into some of the essential things you should remember when you create packages, from customization to more.

Offer Ease of Payment, Discounts and More

Offer discounts on services packages to make them more attractive to customers

One of the reasons why any client would buy in bulk is because of reduced prices. If your business offers daily classes or slots, offering service level packages can attract more clients. This is because a service level package would ensure customers could pick any package that suits their expertise or interest.

Simultaneously, you can supplement your pricing strategy by setting up discounts for specific packages among your offerings. For example, your clients can avail discounts if they book classes 5-days in advance. You can also offer special concessions for your existing clients who hold memberships. Creating special coupons for a specific date or time would also be a hit like setting up an End Of The Month Sale or a Black Friday Sale. In fact, online sales on Black Friday have been seen to increase by 21.6% as per Adobe Analytics. On top of that, it also gives your customers hassle-free one-time payment options. Unlike individual classes, customers won’t repeat the process of booking over and over again. They only have to select the package, pay one-time and enjoy the service they paid for. 

Learn How to set up a Members-only business model or provide exclusive discounts to members 

Deliver VIP Services

Offer premium service packages to attract faithful VIP clientele

Blending memberships with your packaging in business is among the smarter strategies to increase your bulk purchase. You can offer them special perks. For instance, you can give them flexible package services with different membership plans. Such offers can vary from business to business. You can also offer monthly appointments to get their feedback so they remain in sync with you. As per a study, retaining customers can increase your profits by 25%. Subsequently, your business will spend less on marketing your product to the same customers. Thus, building good relations between customer and business goes a long way. It earns loyalty and adds to a broader spectrum, i.e. brand popularity.

Personalize Service Packages

Offering customized packages will ensure a more personal experience for your members

Businesses are recognizing the key factor in making their service stand out- Customization. Product customization is useful for building a unique experience for each type of customer, which can drive brand awareness and improve customer satisfaction. With Omnify, you can customize the package with your ongoing classes. For instance, if you offer three different Yoga Classes, you can start by offering a cocktail of introductory classes in a beginner package. Customers who are new to this would find it more appealing as they have the possibility to explore. Similarly, you can create an advanced package for a more experienced audience. You can create group classes where customers can select any 5 classes they like. You can schedule an appointment prior and create a personalized package for them. It will attract more people towards packs as classes could be adjusted at the client’s will.

As a business, it is crucial to cater to your client’s comfort as well as your business goal. Subsequently, you need a reliable and effective platform to run your business smoothly. Omnify simplifies online booking for your clients. You can create a personalized Service Store where you can manage classes, appointments, payments, customer attendance, etc. Moreover, it allows you to add members to ensure that only specific people can access the bookings. With features like flexible pricing, credit system and more, your business adds different variables to your package. 

To know more about how conveniently you can optimize your business with service packages, talk to Omnify or get started with a FREE TRIAL today!


Packages surely work when it comes to moving your business ahead. Know how you can influence your customers in switching to packages over single classes.

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