How Living Water Resorts Upgraded their Amenity Booking Experience with Omnify

Living Water Resorts is an extensive resort property located off the shores of Georgian Bay and against the picturesque views of Blue Mountain in Collingwood, Ontario, Canada. During summers, the place brims with swimming and other water activities, thanks to its proximity to the Bay and in winters it provides a ten-minute getaway to the Blue Mountain for skiing and snowboarding. 

Living Water Resorts, Ontario, Canada

The resort also has gorgeous trails, a champion-style golf course, and an idyllic setting for events, recreation, retreats, and so much more! Living Water Resorts indeed sets the tone for finding the right balance between an all-inclusive vacation experience at its resort and a peaceful personal space at its Living Water Resorts and Spa. The Living Shore Spa, with its team of highly trained therapists makes the wellness experience all the more enjoyable.

Creating a better experience every day

Living Water Resorts is located by the Georgian Bay

Living Water Resorts has two decades of experience in hospitality. As the Resort continued to grow over the years, it kept adding value to its property by introducing newer and more luxurious amenities to ensure the best guest experiences. 

One prominent addition to providing a better and finer amenity experience was the booking process. To stay in touch with the times, Living Water Resorts and Spa facilitates the real-time availability of their amenities online and lets guests and members reserve slots at their convenience. To support their efforts, Omnify’s facility management system has been just the ideal fit in providing efficient management of amenity bookings and optimizing existing operations.

Living water Resorts uses Omnify Facility Management System

We spoke to Chad Ibrahim, the Resort Manager at Living Water Resorts and Spa about  their Omnify experience. This is what he has to say-

“Earlier our check-in process was very time consuming. If I have 10 people in line trying to book the pool, and five of them are trying to check-in, the experience is cumbersome for everyone!”

Adding more to it-

“For us, Omnify is now doing what needs to be done in terms of bookings. I always like it to be more efficient and the best part about Omnify is that the company works with us to adjust to our needs.”

Levelling up with online booking technology

Living Water Resorts and Spa initially felt the urgency to use a booking and scheduling system to manage the restrictions imposed in Canada for the use of pools and other amenities. Today, their operations are powered by Omnify’s property management software. The change in their operations since signing up with Omnify demonstrates the limitless potential that technology has to offer to businesses today. 

A good online booking platform should come with the benefit of easy adaptability, ease of use, and be cost-effective. Omnify has all three and more.

Living water resorts uses Omnify for its amenity reservations

In the words of Chad -

“I figure we can continue to use Omnify even after the restrictions are lifted! Omnify has made our lives better overall. We will continue using the software for bookings and potentially even expand to bike rentals and the like.”

Customer Support Available Day or Night!

The prompt, responsive and ‘customer first’ approach is what defines brand Omnify and time and again it has been validated by happy customers. Living Water Resorts and Spa is no different. 

People having fun in snow at Living Water Resorts

For a four-season resort that appreciates the importance of good customer support, Living Water Resorts has been very appreciative of the Omnify Customer Support team and the service they have received all this while. 

Like Chad Ibrahim happily exclaims -

“I like it when I send an email and somebody responds very quickly - to me, that makes a big difference. The fact that Omnify is not just looking for somebody to sign up but they are there all the way after we sign up. The set-up is right in terms of making a connection and then continuing the relationship!”

When you choose Omnify as your property management software, you’re not just applying technology to your operations, you’re also working with people who are on board with your goals and dedicated to helping you achieve them effectively!

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Read this customer story to learn how Living Water Resorts streamlined amenities reservation a lot better with Omnify's Property Management Software.

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