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Sukanya Kakoty

[Webinar Recap] Limit Capacity in Pools using Omnify's Reservation System

With pool season approaching fast, it is time to look at the best practices to reopen your pools. While it may seem like the pandemic is soon ending, safety still remains the top issue for most people. Individuals are looking out to have fun, while also ensuring that themselves and their loved ones are protected. With the fear still looming in people’s minds, how do pools reopen while also limiting capacity? 

The answer is an Online Reservation System! An Online Reservation System is a software you can use for managing reservations for your service. Omnify, a pioneer in Pool Management Software, is a one-stop solution for amenity reservation, membership management, and service e-commerce. With a plethora of features designed to cater to your - pool managers, specific needs, the team at Omnify conducted a webinar on how you can limit capacity in pools using Omnify’s Reservation System. If you missed it, here’s a recap for you!

We asked what were some of the most commonly faced problems while running pools. There were multiple responses, but here are the most common ones - 

Problem #1
How to limit capacity in the pool, and keep a tab on the long queues at the front desk?

With each state and each government imposing different limits on members at the pools, how do you ensure limited capacity? Let’s say you’ve even solved the problem of limited capacity. How do you keep a tab on the never-ending queues at the front desk? 

Solution #1 - Bookings in advance. 

Omnify’s Pool Reservation system allows you to set up dedicated slots for pool use. Members can use your very own Service Store, where you can showcase all your available pool slots, to book a slot of their choice for themselves and their families. 

Add booking limitations for your members. Restrict the number of bookings that can be made in a given period of time by one individual, or their family. With booking restrictions, you can ensure fair and equitable access to your amenities. Now, no one gets left behind! With booking restrictions, you don’t even have to worry about long queues.

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Problem #2
How to avoid the barrage of people waiting to enter on their already booked block of time? 

When the time for a slot nears, and people start coming in, you can quickly check those in who have already made a booking. With Omnify’s front-end check-ins app, this process becomes simpler. All you have to do is search for the name of the member, and click on check-in. 

Another touchless alternative is Contactless QR Check-ins. With this feature, all you have to do is simply print a QR code of your choice and place it on your front desk. Your members can scan the QR Code, and they will be checked in automatically! 

Implement QR Check-ins: Contactless, self check-ins for your clients

Problem #3
How to manage memberships?

Managing memberships is always a hassle. Omnify makes this simpler. Let’s go over the features of Membership Management - 

  1. Members-only
    If your amenities are accessible only to members of your community, you have to ensure that nobody else gets access to the amenities. Omnify provides a specific feature called Membership Management. This feature ensures that whenever people are added to the system, they are marked as members, and those who aren’t, will not be able to access the services. 
  2. Residents & their guests
    If you allow your residents to bring in guests to the facility, then you create daily passes using memberships. With daily passes, guests can get access to the facility for that particular day.

These are just some of the features you can opt for when considering reopening your pool. Experts at Omnify discuss this in much deeper detail in our upcoming webinars! Go ahead, register yourselves!

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Read how to effectively manage capacity in pools using Omnify. Here's a webinar recap on the best ways to reopen pool using a pool reservation system

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