How Marina Bay Community Association Handled Bookings During the Pandemic

Ever since the COVID-19 pandemic started, businesses have had to re-organize and adapt quite quickly to continue catering to their customers. Athletic facilities, fitness studios, and swimming pools have had to adhere to a range of guidelines over the past year. Most swimming pools across the country only began to reopen slowly around June and July, with limited capacities. 
For Homeowners’ Associations and Condominium Owners’ Associations, the challenge was two-fold. They had to ensure bookings could be done without any physical contact while also ensuring there was no additional effort from the manager’s end. On top of this, these associations need to ensure that everybody is able to access the pool without violating the restrictions on capacity.

A condominium conundrum for Marina Bay

Located in Richmond, California, Marina Bay is a community of 468 condominium homes. Marina Bay offers its residents a green and refreshing atmosphere with the Bay Trail passing right through the complex. Two swimming pools and a fitness center are available to the residents for their recreation and fitness activities.

When the pandemic hit, it became a significant challenge for the manager to make reservations effectively. It was proving quite cumbersome to manually approve reservations for the facilities and maintain equitable access at the same time. Given the different facilities they had to manage and the importance of sanitization, the manager was in need of a system that would simplify and automate reservations on their end.

“Use Omnify, a tool that helps you work smarter, not harder”

This is precisely what the manager said after using Omnify last year! Omnify’s automated online reservation system immediately saved them the hassle of having to manually approve bookings made by members. But that’s not all! 

With the help of Omnify’s online booking system, the staff was able to split the facility hours into time blocks that helped them restrict the numbers and also allowed them to create a buffer time between blocks to sanitize the area before the next batch of members arrived. All this while being able to limit the number of times any particular member could book the facilities in a day, making sure there was a fair opportunity for every member to book!

The bottomline

With Omnify in their system, Marina Bay’s amenity manager was able to simplify their operations at a time when there was a pressing need to devote precious time to sanitization and crowd management. The staff was able to ensure social distancing effectively and saved a lot of effort that otherwise would have gone to managing reservations and scheduling.

The best part about using Omnify?

“This is a great service and easy to use, even for those that are not tech-savvy.”

-said the manager, who was able to use it effectively thanks to the platform’s simple layout and our on-boarding team’s initial support. But that was just the start of their relationship with Omnify. The manager had the kindest words reserved for our customer support team, saying-

“Omnify has been fantastic from day one with their responsive customer service always on hand to resolve any issues we faced along the way!”

At the end of the day, Omnify is a lot more than your average amenity reservation system. We understand your business needs and treat them like our own. Our customer support is on hand to respond to any challenges you may be facing. We constantly update our product to ensure your business needs are met and help you get closer to your goals every day. 

If your business or facility is in need of a system that does more than just reservations, then reach out to us or Schedule a Demo today. We’re here for you!

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Find out how Marina Bay Community Association in Richmond, California used Omnify to improve amenity bookings for their swimming pools and fitness center.

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