How Physiofitness by Prachi Simplified Appointment Scheduling with Omnify

Physiotherapy plays a significant role in maintaining one's physical well-being. For everyone from athletes to individuals getting a regular physical workout, it is essential to make sure your body is recovering effectively from its exertion. For Dr. Prachi Arya, who runs Physiofitness by Prachi, the goal has always been to help her patients recover from their pain and educate them on the right way to care for their bodies.

Dr. Prachi runs Physiofitness by Prachi - a physiotherapy practice
“I help patients alleviate their pain and I also have a set of clients who reach out to me for their fitness goals, whom I guide safely towards better health with balanced diet and exercise.”

- Dr. Prachi Arya

When Prachi started her practice, all of her appointments were carried out in-person. However, with the COVID-19 pandemic, came the need to move her practice online. Physiotherapy had become more important now than ever, and as her practice grew, so did the difficulty in managing appointments. 

Earlier, Prachi used to take online appointments through Whatsapp
“I used to get a lot of ad-hoc appointments, and after the pandemic started, I was taking most of my appointments through my phone. I wanted to get things organized so that I could track and manage my appointments better.”

- Dr. Prachi Arya

Streamlining operations with Omnify

This is when Prachi began looking for a technological solution to her problem. While she encountered a number of fixes  in her search, none of them quite fit her needs as a growing solopreneur.

Her search eventually led her to Omnify and her concerns about finding an appointment scheduling software that fits a solopreneur’s needs were soon erased. She was able to set up her booking website almost immediately and simplify the entire process for herself and her clients.

Prachi has now streamlined her appointments with Omnify's appointment scheduling software
“I'm so thankful that I came to know about Omnify. My appointments have become more organized and the payment process is so smooth.”

- Dr. Prachi Arya

For Prachi, setting up her booking website was the next step towards growing her business. Earlier, she had to track her calendar manually, communicate and take appointments over phone, and manage her payments individually. Now the whole process was automated through Omnify's appointment scheduling software. Her clients also had an easy-to-use interface where they could select the appointment of their choice and make payments directly. 

Finding an edge with Zoom Appointments

Even with all the immediate upgrades to her business, no change has made a bigger difference for Prachi than the use of Zoom integration for online appointments. Whereas previously, she would connect with clients over the phone, now clients will automatically receive a Zoom link upon booking the appointment of their choice. 

“I have integrated Zoom with Omnify. All my clients need to do is confirm their booking and we both receive a Zoom link to join at the time of the appointment. The whole process is quite smooth.”

- Dr. Prachi Arya

Always in the loop with Omnify Go

Prachi is among the early users adopting the beta version of Omnify Go, a mobile app which allows her to track her appointments and manage bookings from her phone. The addition of the app has significantly simplified things for her on the business end.

“I can see the number of bookings for the day clearly in the app. In case I have to reschedule or cancel, it's so easy to be done through the phone. I no longer need to open the website and go into it.”

- Dr. Prachi Arya

For service-based businesses, managing your schedules and appointments effectively can make a huge difference in the long run. If you would like to simplify your operations and automate communication with your clients online, find out how Omnify is the right fit for your business. Sign up for a FREE TRIAL and get started today!

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