How Playful Poppies Ramped up Operations with Omnify

Parents and kids having a good time at Playful Poppies Learning Co.
“At the end of the day, the most overwhelming key to a child’s success is the positive involvement of parents.”

-Jane D. Hull 

Early education is the most fundamental component in shaping a child’s social and academic development. Serena Colson believes that the most qualitative benefits of early learning come through parents who bring deep value as educational partners. 

It is this sincere belief that led Serena to establish Playful Poppies Learning Co. The organization is a ‘dream come true’ for every family that wishes to give their child an interactive early education while being an integral part of this process. Playful Poppies stands apart from most early education centers by empowering parents to be valuable educational partners in their child’s development from Day 1.

“Parents could be educational partners for their children and really be an asset to them during their early years.”

-Serena, Owner (Playful Poppies Learning Co.)

Serena Colson of Playful Poppies Learning Co.

Classes at Playful Poppies are designed to embrace every child - the shy kid, the active kid, the early bloomer, the late bloomer, your kid! This unique school provides all the necessary resources to nurture parent-child bonding through learning, play, and interaction. Its Yoga, literacy, and STEM classes help towards the all-around development of the children.

Starting with baby steps

Kids and parents are educational partners at Playful Poppies Learning Co.

Coming from a family of entrepreneurs herself, Serena’s idea of building Playful Poppies finally took shape in 2020. From launching the first classes through a virtual platform, Playful Poppies took off by meeting the kids and their families and ensuring a solid academic head start. And since then, it has been going from strength to strength.

“We started off with parent-child literacy and yoga classes, and we are getting a good response. By early 2022 we will be focusing on science and maths classes and looking forward to launching our art classes in the spring.”

Leveling up with the right technology

A growing business demands growing operations. Serena was initially managing her bookings through an event management software until the time it became overwhelming to sustain the rush. 

Serena recalls:

“As Playful Poppies grew rapidly, it became difficult for me to manage bookings with my previous software. It was certainly not designed for multi-week series, and multiple families, tracking all the data that comes with building profiles and so on.”

She began exploring options for an intuitive and affordable class scheduling software that would meet the demands of her scaling business. Of all the options she looked at, Omnify fit the bill with a simple interface that supported an easy transition to the platform.

Playful Poppies Learning Co. use Omnify Class Scheduling Software to streamline registrations

In her own words:

“Omnify not only helped me streamline my bookings, but it has been the perfect tool in removing all operational roadblocks that a small business could end up with.”

Since using Omnify’s Class Scheduling Software, Playful Poppies has been successfully handling bookings be it trial classes, one-off events, or long-term bookings. Families are able to book multi-week series comfortably and the team at Playful Poppies now has no trouble tracking every booking made.

Omnify helps Playful Poppies Learning Co. to ramp up operations

Usability at its best

Easy adoption of technology comes from good usability and a simplified user experience. In the attempt to stay on top of class bookings, one cannot go on simply taking a while in getting hold of a software. Technology is meant to make our lives easier and not difficult. This is what Serena has to say about the intuitiveness of a software platform such as Omnify. 

“Omnify is surprisingly easy and intuitive and I am not even a techie person! The features are super accessible and I can always find exactly what I was looking for. This makes a huge difference. Because, now instead of having to dig around some dashboards, I can see everything at a glance. It saves me a lot of time!”

Omnify’s class scheduling software has helped thousands of teachers, trainers, and educational institutions save time on day-to-day tasks and focus their energy on improving their classes. For Serena, the bookings process for the families became smoother, her clients could check in wherever they are and it made it easier to share with newer families.

Serena shares her experience -

“Using Omnify has saved me from hiring a bookkeeper now that I have everything at my fingertips. Now I don’t think I will ever be able to go without a booking system such as Omnify!”

Real Support, In Real-time

Speaking about the customer service of Omnify, Serena had something very insightful to share. 

“If I ever ran into a problem, I always received immediate support. The Omnify support team has always been fantastic and I love that I can book a call pretty much anytime. One doesn’t have to jump through several hoops but directly talk to the support team. It is very easy and accessible.”

As Serena concludes-

“Apart from easy accessibility, Omnify is very affordable even while covering all features that a small business needs, without even having to pay extra. I know I am paying for exactly what I need and I can build it from there!”

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This customer story shows how Playful Poppies Learning Co. ramped up its operations after signing up with Omnify Class Scheduling Software.

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