A Deep-dive Into Optimizing Operations

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What MAY have passed so quickly? Ah! It’s May. See what we did there ;) 

It has been a good last month and with temperatures soaring up, so are our spirits. It’s almost time for the great outdoors, and pools and fun. Which means your facility might already be gearing up to host all members and any numbers!

We know how optimizing operations helps in continuous improvement and here industry trends often help you gain that learning curve and evolve your business in the right direction. Yet, we know you are busy enough with your day-to-day so we covered the brainstorming and put together all that you need to optimize your operations - in one place. It was definitely worth getting sweaty for!

This month, our roundup aims to help your business scale further up and super-align with your goals. Enjoy Reading!

🆕 What’s New?

Essential Best-practices for the Modern Swim Facility

Man competing in a swimming pool with others

If you own/manage a swim facility, do not miss exploring the latest best practices adopted widely by top facilities as they expand their programs and attract swimmers from across the country.

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🏢 Facility Management

Biggest Fitness Center Maintenance Challenges and Potential Solutions

Equipment in a Gym

With tons of workout and business challenges, how do you streamline maintenance that doesn’t come in the way of operations. Here are the leading challenges and respective solutions.

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📈 Top Trending

Evolving Swim Facilities Trends that will Influence your Business

Take advantage of the latest trends influencing the world of aquatic facilities and emerge as a seasonal winner.

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🗣️ Customers Speak

How Physiofitness by Prachi simplified Appointment Scheduling with Omnify

“I wanted to get things organized so that I could track and manage my appointments better.” 
Dr. Prachi Arya

Find out how Omnify helped Dr. Prachi effortlessly streamline her operations with automated appointment scheduling.

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📊 Growth

10 Health and Wellness Practices Essential for Growth

For those starting off with your fitness and wellness business, this comprehensive step-by-step guide is carefully designed to help you build and grow.

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We have already started summer’izing this summer with Omnify’s “Summer of Releases”. That’s a lot of summers in one line but so are the releases. Have a look!

1. Out Now: Omnify GO for Mobile!

Last week we officially launched Omnify GO for Mobile. With this super-update you can organize your operations across devices and manage your business on the go! 

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2.Upcoming Big Release: Improved Omnify+PayPal Integration

Get ready for an even faster and smoother way of accepting payments for your services! 

Stay Tuned! :)

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