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For an HOA or COA, a thriving community can set the tone for life at the property! Make sure your community is getting the best experience with our Free Toolkit as you revamp the scheduling and management of your association’s facilities!

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The best channel for growth your business is yet to leverage!

Communities have a huge role to play in the growth and success of their local businesses. The ever-growing fitness community, in particular, continues to contribute in many ways to the emergence of newer and smarter fitness centers across the country. In this blog by Omnify, you’ll see how communities are now essential to the growth of any fitness studio with some insightful notes to offer!

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How the LexGetFit Family Grew with Omnify Fitness Studio Software

Emily Johnson has been a fitness instructor for a little over 10 years now. As the founder of LexGetFit Studio, Emily has stayed true to her purpose of helping people succeed on their journey towards greater well-being. When time came for Emily to sustain her studio’s growth, she chose Omnify. In an open interview with us, Emily shares all that she’s gained since signing up with the platform!

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