Because, Everyday is Women’s Day! 👩🏻‍🤝‍👩🏼

We realized that one newsletter didn’t suffice our need to celebrate the women who continue to support us, challenge us and inspire us year after year. We are so grateful that we have an opportunity to cater to such strong and confident women ♀️

✨In the spirit of Women’s day 2021, we asked our Shereos around the world about their zeal for the business.

👱💻 Wendy Kek, Founder, HAHA Chinese - After a sabbatical from her corporate career, she founded a Singapore-based Mandarin language education brand specializing in helping non-native speakers learn Mandarin in an interactive and fun way. Kek's vision for HAHA Chinese is to make her students embrace their Southeast Asian Chinese identity and culture and gladly accept their language varieties in the region.

🧘♀ Sadhana Thakur, Founder, Kriya Yoga Studio - Sadhana believes that Atma Vidya is the ultimate knowledge, and with it comes unlimited freedom and bliss. She has always been a motivated person who likes to ask questions and explore. She is the founder and proud owner of Kriya Yoga Pty Ltd. She feels very fortunate to have created this riveting space of healing and yoga where people feel relaxed and connected to themselves.

🦸♀️ Rebecca Jane Warrington, Founder, Yoga with Rebecca Jane - Psychotherapist, Yoga, and Mindfulness teacher Rebecca Jane lost her livelihood overnight along with so many other yoga teachers at the start of the lockdown in March 2020. Rebecca Jane is also a prolific writer on Medium. She also published a book called Mindfulness My Way: Toolkit for Change and an 8-week course on mindfulness- 'Discover Mindfulness.'

💃🏻 Jessica Lim, Founder of J Platform - With passion to dance and teaching, she finally opened her dance studio called J Platform in Singapore in 2019. Jessica Lim’s golden reminder for starters, “You will only regret if you did not even try!

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Our greatest wish is to help our female entrepreneurs find that extra bit of confidence they’ll need to take on the world. So keep killin’ it, we’ll be here to support you.

With love, Team Omnify 💚

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