🔥Foolproof ideas to grow your business and a piping hot product update!

Good morning folks!

We can’t believe it’s August already, can you? With the worst of the pandemic behind us, it has been an interesting year so far.

A year of steady recovery.

A year with more clarity.

And finally, a year that has reminded us of our resilience yet again!

To add to your own resilience and help make the rest of your year all the more memorable, we’ve worked tirelessly to bring you exactly what your business needs!

For starters, you’re going to see why it’s a must to get your business listed online.

While using social media platforms is vital for digital marketing, web search is still the go-to for customers when considering a purchase. But before we go about studying how you can get listed, let us first understand what it means!

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Once you get your audience to visit your site, it’s crunch time!

Everything boils down to how well you’re able to convert visitors into customers and we have an unbelievably simple fix just for you! Read on to find out how a few lines of code can change your website from a profile for your business to the only salesperson you’ll need!

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And in case you missed it, we’re helping you attract more customers to your business!

Our all-new walk-ins feature will give you a lot more freedom to check-in visitors even when they haven’t made a prior booking! Read on to find out how you can create a more fluid check-in experience and simplify your own workflow at the same time!

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