Now, get ready to open your pools!

The adjusted return to pool life has called for the need to maintain social distancing to limit the spread of COVID-19. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), which updates COVID-19-related guidance to pool owners and users on a regular basis, set out its view on how pools could gradually start to open up again after stay-at-home orders were lifted.

It is very likely that Social Distancing will be required when pools open and it is best to begin making plans now. We have jotted down a few points which tells how you could safely reopen your pools. Here are 4 ways in which you could think of reopening pools safely:

🏊 Establish a new maximum number of people allowed in the pool facility at one time: Maintain six-foot minimum physical distancing for employees and patrons through all phases and minimize the chance that people come within six feet of one another as much as possible. Here’s how Trident Swim and Tennis Club opened pools safely for summer 2020!

🏊 Set up blocks of pool time for people to reserve: Calculate Maximum occupancy according to the requirements in each section and post it in conspicuous locations for all patrons to see.

🏊 Establish a disinfecting schedule: Fix a schedule to facilitate proper sanitation to  maintain the visual clarity of water and prevent the transmission of the virus.

🏊 Establish a reservation method: This allows customers to choose an advance time slot, so you will know exactly how many people will attend at any time. It's also possible to build several time slots during the day in staggered times to decrease the chance of overcrowding. See how Omnify could help you with it!

Recently, Swimming World magazine mentioned Omnify in its column on Pool safety during COVID-19 pandemic. You can now schedule classes, packages, events and memberships and increase your bookings by 3x. Here’s how Zoom Swim School nailed it.

Discourage access to the facility by patrons who may be infectious by providing a COVID Liability waiver form: Waive off liability and ensure clients are updated on your COVID-19 Policies, customize on the go and ensure clients accept these before making bookings.

Many people are desperate to get back in the water when the swimming pools reopen and Omnify is devoted to bringing normalcy back and also a safe swimming experience for all.

Until then, stay safe.

With love, Team Omnify 💚

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