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According to a post by Tony Robbins, The straightforward concept of “leverage” has the power to get you more time and in-time, more revenue. The concept of leveraging is analogous to the sport of pole vaulting as seen in the Olympic games. There’s no fancy machinery – just speed, a catapult and the determination to succeed. To make things easier, we tried listing out some points to help you reinvent your business wheel:

▶️ Appointments & Consultations: Long waiting queues for registration is quite problematic, and everybody hates waiting time. Compared to the usual queuing method, A Web-based Booking system like Omnify could significantly increase client satisfaction with registration, reduce no-shows and enhance efficiency. Here’s how a college professor became a Consulting Life Coach using Omnify - Deb Peretz’s story.

▶️ Benefits of Memberships: Memberships help you create a community of customers closer to your brand by giving them access to specific services and offers that are not available to all. Omnify’s in-built membership feature helps create any number of membership types, passes with differential pricing. Besides, auto recurring billing makes life easier and revenues predictable.

▶️ Service Bundles and Class Packages: Why not offer clients a discount in return for their commitment and loyalty and also take the edge of their workload into half? Ditch the old fashioned way of keeping a notebook or a spreadsheet, Introduce Class packages and Service Bundles by tracking the use of class credits!  

▶️ Leverage Online platforms: The risk of the virus has also prompted curtain calls to physical activities, social gatherings and seminars. These are unprecedentedly tough times for businesses across the globe, as "physical presence" becomes a major constraint. Leveraging Online platforms like Zoom helps gather a significant amount of traffic from folks in any part of the world.

With Omnify, you can also Rent a Space, Host Workshops, Offer Appointments and Consultations and have Plausible Memberships for your Virtual or physical businesses. We are a one stop solution for all your services! To know more visit our website — Omnify.

See you next week. Until then, keep your Flywheel alive! 💚

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