As a swim club, recurring clients always benefit the club the most. Not only monetarily, but also because it helps the club keep running and growing.

So, it is vital to keep the existing members happy, and continuously increase the number of memberships. Want to know how? Have a steady Membership System.

Here are a couple of things you can take care of.

📝 Customized Swimming Programmes - The community of people who come to your swimming pool is big and diverse. Having a pool that is all-inclusive will not only make your memberships higher but also your members will feel cared for. Things you could do to analyze this are, learn about your current pool users, say what percentage of users come under competitive programs, recreation, instruction, or therapy programs, analyze your pool visitors' frequency- daily, weekly, monthly, or once in a while. This data could be crucial in understanding how many people are willing to pay more, stay longer, etc., and create better membership plans.

🎉Pool is where the Party is - It’s summer, everyone is trying to get into the pool for some much-needed respite from the heat. As a pool owner, you could organize events and workshops where like-minded people can come in and interact. Hence finding innovative ways to get people together while following all the protocols can help with your long-time goal for a Membership system!

📆Create schedules in a way that balances both pool capacity and safety. Be it increasing the number of sessions a popular trainer takes, or the option for members to drop in as they like, giving the members flexibility to schedule sessions as per their convenience will definitely encourage them. This is possible with an intuitive scheduling platform such as Omnify.This is all, just a glimpse of all that you can offer your members to increase memberships for your club! Creating such member benefits is possible with the help of Omnify’s Scheduling Platform. With these benefits, specific for members, you can now rest assured that your pool will be buzzing this summer!

Head on over to our blog to read about the different ways you can increase your memberships.

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