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Hey folks!

Email marketing is hardly as straightforward as it seems to be.

Your email is just one of countless subject lines rushing into the overflowing inboxes of people who wouldn’t take more than a second to differentiate one line from the next!

So how do you get people to not only notice your emails, but open them, and then click through to your website?

How To Get Conversions Out Of Your Current Email Database?

Our latest guest blog on email conversion strategies explores:

  • Segmented email campaigns
  • The art of email personalization
  • Impactful subject lines
  • Effective re-engagement tactics

Are you ready to make the most of your email database?

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Celebrating Unique Yoga Themes - Omnify

Crafting a unique yoga class theme may add another dimension to your yoga class, but there are a lot more benefits in store for your community.

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