Making the most out of Social Media to promote your business!

Social media isn't a one and done deal, and it takes time and patience to cultivate a reliable presence. With Omnify, you can minimize the time you'll have to dedicate to social media. All you need to do is add your most active social media handles to your Omnify website. Voilà!

Find out how!

Facebook, Instagram and Twitter can be huge boons for small businesses and social media presence is the first thing that draws the attention of your potential buyers.

At times your website might not attract the desired traffic. Omnify gives you limitless ways to build a brand out of your business, which is a sure-shot way to make your clients love you!

Here are two feature tips that might help —

🌹Omnify’s Guide on Social Media Marketing:

Integrating your Social Media handles with posts about your services with just one click will save you valuable time, so that you can focus on things you really enjoy, such as finding creative and interesting ways to benefit your clients, working together or watching a Friends episode.
Fortunately, Omnify enables one-click sharing to social media. You can now use this new feature to post about all the details of your services, including classes, appointments, and membership slots to boost your company’s productivity as well as your own.

An added brownie point to that? You can also track your website visitors' actions using Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel and also efficiently add and update your own website tags to understand Customer Behavior, Conversions, Site Analytics, and more.

We will help you integrate all of this, from One Service Store itself!

🌹Omnify’s Guide on Search Engine Optimization:

Organic Search has been the "free" traffic that you get naturally without having to force it either from search engines on websites—or, Google. Not surprising, if you think about how many times a day you Google something and then click.

Omnify gives your business the tremendous benefit of managing SEO for your website and these are a few simple ways your business can benefit from Omnify.

We’re thrilled to inform you that Omnify won another special category called ‘Users Love Us’ by Software review platform G2 Crowd. We owe it to our customers for your appreciation in our efforts to deliver excellent service.

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