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It has been an exciting April for Omnify! An exclusive interview with Dale Neuberger, the renowned Sports Management and Strategy Consultant and former Vice-President of FINA, gave us incredible insights into the world of aquatic sports. Soon after, our time at the California Park & Recreation Society Conference and Expo allowed us to meet the best in the business and gave us much to think about. A closer look at the park and recreation industry brought with it deeper insights and an understanding of what we can do to help the community further. 

We also took some time this month to cook up some exciting new stuff to help you pick up the pace with your business. An exciting product update will help your staff gain greater control of their classes and streamline your operations further. What is more, we’re here to help summer camps get started on the right note this season, while there’s a goldmine in store for those of you running online classes!

Check out all our updates from the month that was!

🆕 What’s New?

Product Update: Integrate Multiple Zoom Accounts into your Business

If you conduct a lot of online classes with multiple instructors, then this latest update will make life a lot easier for you! Gone are the days of queueing up classes with instructors having to wait their turn to log in with their Zoom account. Now you can integrate multiple accounts at once and allow your instructors greater control over their classes!

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💬 In Conversation

Life by the poolside: An Interview with Dale Neuburger

Today, aquatic sports have diversified and reached new highs across the world. To understand the evolution of aquatic sports over the years and the impact it continues to have on communities, we decided to borrow some wisdom from the former Vice President of FINA, Dale Neuburger, in an exclusive interview with Omnify!

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📈 Top Trending

9 Engaging Summer Camp Activities for Kids

Summer camps are an integral part of one's childhood - a time spent building life skills during the most formative years of their life. What makes it truly special is the fact that children are taught through a combination of memorable indoor and outdoor activities. It gives them an opportunity to explore their interests and grow as young individuals in a safe and positive environment all summer long! Make sure you organize a successful summer camp this season with our list of top activities that will help children learn and grow over the holidays.

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✍️ Editor’s Desk

Celebrating the California Park and Recreation Society at 75

The California Park and Recreation Society turned 75 this year and we had the opportunity to celebrate their achievements at their annual Conference & Expo in Sacramento. Nikhil Moorjani, our Chief Growth Officer writes about his time at the event.

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🔥 Growth

10 tips to promote your online courses and gain more students

Promotion is at the heart of a successful online course, especially for entrepreneurs or up-and-coming freelance course creators. If you don’t already have a large platform or an online community of followers, you will need to work a lot harder to showcase the new course that you have created to your prospective students. Our guest author, Jessica Day from Dialpad, brings some exciting and easy tips for online instructors and educators on promoting online training courses and other online courses with certificates. Learn how these tips will incredibly help in improving your marketing strategy to gain more students.

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