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🌠We’ve discovered all of the reasons why certain people don't learn languages, many of them based on theories and misunderstandings that are long kept. The reality is that, in today's more and more connected and interdependent world, the ability to speak other languages is important to the world in a more immediate and meaningful way — whether in your neighbourhood or a thousand kilometres away.

If you want to create a crazy brainiac, teaching your child another language is a way to go!

🎗️ HAHA Chinese, founded in 2018, is a Singapore-based Mandarin Chinese language school that provides language learning in an interactive and fun way. Unlike conventional approaches adopted in other language classes which are often seen as boring, children in HAHA Chinese learn Mandarin Chinese words and sentences through playful methods.

And, in this journe of happy learning, HAHA Chinese has been using Omnify as a trusted platform for managing classes effortlessly.

We had a chance to connect with the Founder of HAHA Chinese, Wendy Kek and she had a few things to say about Omnify.

Kek said, “Omnify has reduced our administrative workload by up to 50% which means we are able to devote more time to growing our business.

You can catch the entire story -

🤩 How HAHA Chinese reduced its workload by 50% with Omnify.

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We at Omnify, thank HAHA Chinese for such words of praise. We are delighted to have built a platform that meets all your needs. You can keep counting on us!

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