Why Do You Need an Online Reservation System for Your Pools?

Operating swimming pools were never meant to be a cakewalk. Safety compliance, hospitality, maintenance were some of the myriads of factors you had to keep in mind. Enter COVID-19, and things have gotten more complex than ever before. This is precisely why you need an online reservation system for your pools - and soon. Not convinced? Read on to know why.

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How to Encourage Customers in Switching to Service Packages?

In order to increase the growth of your business, marketing packages to your customers will yield faster results. While you know why you should sell packages, how can your business make its offer stand out? Let's dive into some of the essential things you should remember when you offer a package deal.

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QR Check-ins: Contactless, self check-ins for your clients

There are ways to deliver high-quality service, and Contactless Check-in is one of them. Going ‘contactless’ might not have found a lot of meaning a few years back, but now with the COVID-19 crisis, this is probably one feature that your facility can’t go without! QR codes offer an excellent solution and touch-less alternative for check-ins.

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